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Love Hearts

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Gold Trusted Merchant 2016 - Feefo

Love Hearts are one of the most iconic sweets around.  First created in the 1920’s this hard candy sherbet sweet has been a firm favourite across the decades.  Every generation believes Love Hearts belong to their decade such is the eternal popularity of this iconic sweet.  The last twenty years have seen the Love Hearts brand extend to other new sweets including Love Heart Dip; a sherbet and hard candy stick product much like a Double Dip, Mini Love Hearts; a pink foil wrapped mini version of the original, and Candy Lipsticks.  Love Hearts were always a great playground sweet. Many a child has and will continue to tell someone special that they care by giving them a sweet with a special Love Heart message. Over the years some of those messages have changed with the times. Messages such as ‘Hug Me’, ‘Love you’ and ‘I’m Yours’ still appear.  ‘Fax Me’ has fallen by the wayside and new messages moving with the times, such as ‘Text Me’ now firmly appears on modern Love Hearts. Are you looking to impress a loved one? Then why not checkout our full selection of love themed sweets? Our huge selection of Valentines Day Sweets is sure to impress even the fussiest of partners…