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1960s sweets saw a boom as sugar rationing had only ceased a decade before. Iconic sweets from the 60s include Candy Shrimps, Aniseed Balls, Catherine Wheels and Gumballs. The swinging sixties are associated with lollipops as depicted in the cult films Austin Powers, various scenes across the whole series show characters eating 1960s sweets. A lot of influence during this period came from America. Gumballs, Gobstoppers and other bubble gum crossed the pond to become firm favourites among all the great British 1960s sweets. Our most popular sweets from the 60s have to be the Jelly Bean, loved by all for its great taste and colour this really is a great 1960s sweet.

Sweets from the 60s are full of flavour, checkout our Aniseed Balls, Butter Mints, and Wine Gums. Another classic 1960s sweet is candy necklaces, a timeless edible necklace. These were banned from classrooms because kids would use the elastic to ping the candy at one another.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of sweets from the 60s, or to enquire buying 1960s sweets in bulk, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch on: 01202 486256, or alternatively you can get in contact with us using our contact form. We are a leading retailer of 1960s sweets and sweets from the 60s here at Keep It Sweet.