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Buy Love Hearts online with Keep It Sweet. Love Hearts and their mini sibling are among the most iconic of retro sweets available.  First made in the 1920’s Love Hearts soon became a favourite sweet of the nation.  Every decade seems to think that Love Heart sweets belong to them.

Their kitsch look and love themed messages always put a smile on every ones face.  Love Heart sweets messages include such classic lines as ‘Hug Me’, ‘Be Mine’, ‘True Love’ and ‘I’m Yours’.  In more recent years Love Heart derived products have sprung up including mini Love Hearts, Love Heart Dip and Lipsticks. Swizzle Matlow the manufacturer of Love Heart sweets even sell themed merchandise and clothing such is the popularity of the product.

The old 15p packet of Love Hearts has now disappeared to be replaced by New Giant Love Hearts.  In truth this new packet is not ‘giant’ at all, being more closely sized to the original 15p packet of Love Hearts that dwindled in size over the years.  Whatever the occasion if you give someone you care for a simple packet of Love Hearts you are sure to earn a special place in their heart. For more love themed sweets, why not checkout our selection of Valentines Day Sweets...

At Keep it Sweet we offer a large selection of Love Heart Sweets. Buy love hearts online with Keep It Sweet and reminisce about the old days when you’d give your special someone the “Be mine” sweet. If you would like to enquire about any of our products, or to enquire about buying love hearts in Bulk, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch using our contact form, or alternatively you can contact us on: 01202 486256