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Boiled sweets are amongst the oldest of sweets available and there creation dates back to the late nineteenth century. These hard sugar sweets are often made traditionally in copper pans. These pans mould the hard boiled sweets into the classic lozenge shape or other sweet shapes. The pans are filled with a boiling of sugar. This is flavoured and coloured to create the desired boiled sweets.  Once set the boiled sweets are left to cool and put through a wrapping machine that twist wraps the boiled sweets with the required wrapper. Some hard boiled sweets are not wrapped and these are coated often in a further coating of sugar so as to stop the sweets sticking together. The process to create sherbet pips is much the same but on a smaller scale. Boiled sweets with a sherbet centre are rolled with the sherbet in the centre and then cut to create the individual sweets. Our most popular boiled sweets are Sherbet Lemons and Cola Cubes. 

At Keep It Sweet we can even offer personalised boiled sweets, which can be wrapped in a branded wrapper. If you would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of hard boiled sweets, or to enquire about promotional boiled sweets, then please contact us today. You can contact us on: 01202 486256, or alternatively you can contact us using our contact form. We are leading suppliers of hard boiled sweets, browse our selection today.