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Do you enjoy Liquorice? Liquorice Sweets divide sweet lovers, with most people either loving them or detesting them. Here at Keep It Sweet we are lovers, this is demonstrated in our massive selection of liquorice sweets, all of which are available online.

Liquorice flavour is extracted from the root of the Liquorice plant, this can then be used to create tasty treats, although most common liquorice sweets tend to get their flavour from aniseed oil. Liquorice and Liquorice sweets are primarily purchased by consumers of the European Union, although Liquorice is commonly used in American blend cigarettes.

Liquorice sweets often contain molasses which gives some Liquorice its familiar black colour, take a look at our: Bassetti Liquorice Sticks, Liquorice Pontefract Cakes and Rotella Liquorice Wheels. At Keep It Sweet we also stock a selection of Liquorice Sweets which are a bit more vibrant in the colour department, browse our Liquorice Allsorts, Liquorice Comfits and Liquorice Torpedos today!!

If you’re a lover of Liquorice and would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of Liquorice Sweets, or to enquire about ordering in larger quantities, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch with the team at Keep It Sweet using our contact form, or alternatively if you would prefer to discuss your requirements over the telephone, then please do so on: 01202 486256, and a member of staff will be happy to assist you.