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Gold Trusted Award 2019 - Feefo

Offering a huge selection of jelly sweets and gum sweets, Keep It Sweet are your number one retailer of all things sweet. Classic Jelly Sweets include: Cola Bottles, Cherries and Fried Eggs, some of our more obscure gummy sweets include: Freaky Fish, Jelly Brains, and Blue Hearts.

Jelly Sweets and Gum Sweets are made using a selection of raw ingredients, typically gelatine, sweeteners, flavourings, and colourings. This mix can then be moulded in to just about any shape, making gummy sweets one of the most versatile confectionary products ever made. Jelly Sweets often come in vibrant colours and are full of flavour.

One of the most infamous Jelly Sweets around, Jelly Teddy Bears, were originally called dancing bears and were originally liquorice flavoured. Gum Sweets which come in the shape of animals seem to be incredibly popular, with jelly worms being one of the most popular sweets in the US.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our huge selection of gum sweets and jelly sweets, or to enquire about ordering in larger numbers, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch using our contact form, or alternatively if you would prefer to discuss your requirements over the telephone, then please do so on: 01202 486256, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you. With a huge selection of jelly sweets and gum sweets, Keep It Sweet is your one stop sweetshop for all your confectionary needs.