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Sweets of the 80s are some of the most popular around. 1980s sweets include Fizz Wiz, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads and many other classic retro sweets. In fact most retro sweets are also eighties sweets.

School kids in the 80s had a great selection of sweets at their local sweet shop.  Candy Necklaces were often banned from schools in the 1980’s as kids would fire pieces across the room using the elastic they were made from.

One of the most remembered 1980s sweets is the bubblegum card pack most famously available as Garbage Pail Kids. These were the big playground craze and many swaps and trades were made whilst chewing the short lived gum.  The most popular sweets of the 80s sold by Keep It Sweet are Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Fizzers, Parma Violets and Candy Bananas.  Some sweets that may not have originated in the eighties became so popular that many people believe they are 1980s sweets. One great memory of sweets from the 80s is trying to suck on a Refresher for as long as possible without it breaking in your mouth. Long may 1980s sweets be available to keep us smiling.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of sweets from the 80s, or to enquire about larger orders of 1980s sweets, then please contact us today. You can contact us on: 01202 486256, or alternatively you can get in touch with the team at Keep It Sweet using our Contact Form. At Keep It Sweet we are leading retailers of sweets of the 80s, Browse our selection of 1980s sweets today!!