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All the retro sweets from your childhood can be found here. Keep it sweet has range of over 200 retro sweet types for you to choose from. Whether you are after Fizz Wiz, Sherbet Fountains, Dip Dabs or Candy Sticks, candy shrimps or candy bananas we have every retro sweet you could possibly want.  Retro sweets go down especially well at weddings, parties or any event and a sweet bar filled with retro sweets is sure to leave all your guests talking about fond memories and happy times. When you have retro sweets for events and exhibitions they can pull in a crowd, enticing them over when they recognise retro sweets from happy childhood memories and the sweetshop on the corner.

We also offer small bags of retro sweets called retro favours. These are heat sealed bags holding ten or more of our most popular retro sweets. There are two types of these retro sweet bags the retro favour large and the retro favour small.  Both are among our most popular bags of retro sweets.