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Gold Trusted Award 2019 - Feefo

At Keep It Sweet, we offer not just beautifully romantic chocolates and sweets for Valentine’s Day but also an array of jars, presents, and tuck shops. Our stunning collection of plastic and glass jars serves a dual purpose — ideal for filling with our delicious retro sweets or for creating romantic gestures like confetti and love notes. These jars can also be filled with his or her favourite things, making them versatile and thoughtful gifts. Apart from being great stylish storage solutions, they are perfect for Valentine’s gifts and presents, adding an extra touch of sweetness and charm to your expressions of love

In our Valentine’s selection we also stock cubes and pyramids full of romantic sweets, this saves you the stress of finding a present or trying to get the right amount of sweets together from all over the place, as we do it all for you! Our Valentine’s Day sweets include: Luscious Love Hearts, Fantastical Fizzers, Smooth milk chocolate hearts, and mini champagne bottles, just to name a few! Perfect to give to your husband, wife or kids or to give to someone who you’ve secretly been admiring for a while, we’ll provide you with a fabulous selection of sweets, chocolate, and presents for this special day. Why not also take a look at our range of individual valentines day sweets...