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What type of sweets do you sell? 

Here at Keep it sweet, it is an understatement to say we all have a sweet tooth. We only sell sweets and chocolates that we love and taste delicious, and that is a lot! We have a large inventory of sweets and chocolates that covers all types of sweets from both past and present. Whether you are looking for valentines sweets and chocolates for that someone special or you are trying to find the perfect mother’s day sweet for when your mum used to go to school, whatever the reason rest assured we have the sweets and chocolates to fit any occasion. 


Can I buy in bulk?

Yes we sell many of our lines in bulk bags.  We can also buy in larger quantities direct from manufacturers for you.  Contact us if there is something you need and cant find.

However over at our sister company Bite My Brand, they specialize in promotional food and drink. Click here to see more from Bite My Brand


Do your prices include VAT? 

Yes our prices do included VAT.  The checkout will show a net and gross price with the VAT amount as well. 


Do you sell overseas?

At present we sell within the UK only.  Please enquire for overseas order.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

You can choose from a range of delivery options with accurate delivery schedules. 

We use DPD and Royal Mail services normally 


What options do you have for presenting your sweets? I’d like to buy some for a present.

We supply almost all our sweets in heat sealed polypropylene bags.  These are then packed in cardboard boxes for dispatching. We also sell jars in the jar section and gift boxes on the checkout.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or want something more, then please visit our sister company Bite My Brand


What is your policy on returning an order? 

Please check our return policy to get the full details. 


Do you have vegan sweets? 

Yes, we make sure that we stock a wider range of halal sweets, vegan sweets, gluten-free sweets and much more, this is so that we are sure that we can cover all types of people and ensure that you can satisfy any sweet or chocolate craving your having. 


What sweets can you have with braces?

There are some sweets and chocolates that may damage your braces and set your orthodontic treatment back. I know it is hard as we have the best sweets and chocolates! But you should stay away from caramel sweets, chewy sweets and hard sweets

Not to worry! There are still chocolates and sweets you can still eat. Softer, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates and sweets tend to be less risky when it comes to keeping your braces intact. Enjoy these treats in moderation. For example chocolate (without nuts or caramel)  or marshmallows, however, be mindful, that in excess, candy of any kind can accumulate around your braces and lead to permanent white marks (decalcification), cavities or gum disease (gingivitis). Make sure to brush thoroughly around your braces especially after indulging in sugary snacks!


What if my products are damaged during delivery?

If what we've sent has been damaged, please as soon as possible, send us photos via email of the damage to We'll then be in touch to let you know what the next steps are.


What if the item I purchased is out of stock or not available?

If the sweet or chocolate you are craving is temporarily out of stock we will let you know how long it will be before it’s available, as well as the option to choose an alternative or cancel your order. If you would like to wait for your chosen sweet or chocolate, we will part dispatch or hold your order till we can send it in its entirety.


Do you offer a bulk discount for large orders?

If you are ordering pallet quantities of stock then we may be able to offer a discount on your order.  Our delivery charges are fixed so over 10kg you will be receiving a discount via the delivery subsidy.

Will chocolate melt during shipping?

Our sweets and chocolate are well packed for shipping and fortunately, this does not happen very often. In hot conditions we try and avoid dispatching over weekends and may delay dispatch chocolate orders until the temperature drops.  We also insulate orders with bubble wrap sometimes. However, once your treats leave our store, we have no control over how the shipper handles the package. If shipping to warm climates, there is always a chance of melting.