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Personalised Lollies

Contact us: 01202 486256 or branded lollies

Fantastic spiral wheel lollies on a wooden stick.  Lollies are available in any colour and flavour.

Please visit the following page for more information regarding Personalised Lollies and Personalised Lollipops.

From £0.18 per lolly.  Price based on a 30mm branded lolly. Excludes VAT


  • Colour
  • Size: 30mm or 90mm
  • Flavour
  • Branded or Unbranded with label

Example 1:

  • 30mm lolly
  • Red lolly
  • Strawberry Flavour
  • Branded 35mm sticker

Price £0.18 per lolly. Based on 5000lollies.  Excludes VAT

Personalised Lollies

Example 2:

  • 90mm lolly
  • Blue and green spiral
  • Gooseberry Flavour
  • Branded 51mm sticker

Price £0.69 per lolly. Based on 1000 lollies.  Excludes VAT and Delivery.