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When Does A Sweet Become a Retro Sweet?

Remember Friday afternoons spent in the local sweet shop after school? Remember counting up your pennies for the pick and mix and then running how with sticky pockets filled with delicious goodies? Our Retro Sweets are sourced from decades gone by and perfect for taking you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. 

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If you are looking for specific sweets from your childhood, all our retro sweets are categorised into the decades they originate from. Not only is this perfect for finding all your favourite that you remember, but is also great for finding new sweet treats and goodies that you may not have tried before. For example, the 80s were when sweets really came alive and sweets of the 80s are some of the most popular around. Remember Fizz Wiz, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads? All from the 80s! Big Lips? Another 80s classic! But by far the most popular sweets from the 80s were Gumballs. Commercially available gum was invented way back in the 1850s when, rumour has it, a New York greengrocer was unhappy that normal flat gum was not selling and threw a piece across the store when it fell in a bag of sugar. He then noticed it’s new shiny appearance and the gumball was born! It wasn’t until the 80s that Gumball machines and the brightly coloured delights we know today were developed and we are so glad that they did! 

Or maybe you are looking for some more recent retro sweets from later years? If so, our selection of 2000’s sweets are a true demonstration of sweets of the weirdest, wackiest and most unique varieties! One example of the bright and colourful options the 2000’s had to offer is Beach Mix. These fruity flavoured gummy sweets simply can’t be mix and are guaranteed to put a smile on every child and adult’s face. Perfect for days out or long car journeys, these edible seaside shapes will make you longing for summer to come quicker even more than you already were. Another popular gummy option that is particularly a favourite with children are Alphabet Gums. These mouth-watering jellies are perfect for spelling out fun messages and are a great way to keep the kids occupied.  

When you think of retro sweets what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it’s all about penny sweets. Sadly, penny sweets are no longer around, but we have plenty of affordable and truly scrumptious sweets and treats to allow you to relive all those happy childhood memories. One of our favourites is Candy Necklaces. These pretty pastel delights are every sweet-toothed fashionista’s dream! These original fruity treats are the perfect gift for a childhood pal or are a great dance floor accessory to keep the energy levels high at a party or wedding. Another popular retro sweet is Foam Bananas. These banana milkshake tasting treats never disappoint and have been around as long as we can remember. You can even buy a bulk bag of these fruity sweets if you love them enough! 

We even sell all the best Retro Sweets in bulk so you will never be short of your nostalgic sweet fix. From Flying Saucers to Black Jacks – a bulk sweet box is the perfect addition to any kitchen cupboard or coffee table near you! Or why not buy this as the ultimate unique gift for family or friends? Be sure to put a smile on their faces with this great tongue-tingling treat that is sure to last for months to come. 

We also organise our retro sweets range into type and flavour to make it super easy to find all your favourites. Are you a fan of fizzy sweets? If so, we have a large range of tongue-tingling delights that are sure to have your eyes watering and can even be delivered the day after you order them. Some of the most popular include Fizz Balls, Fizzy Belts and Fizzy Fish - if that thought isn’t making your mouth water then I don’t know what will! 

Or maybe you love coconut flavoured retro sweets? Toasted Teacakes are one of the most popular coconut flavoured treats around and are ideal for sharing over the summer or to enjoy along with a traditional British cup of tea. We also stock Coconut Mushrooms and Coconut Logs for the perfect mix of chocolate, marshmallow and coconut. Yum! Or why not tuck into some Coconut Ice this summer? This delicate and crumbly treat is a traditional sweet shop classic and is a true nostalgic favourite that is sure to give you a blast from the past.  

View our full range of retro sweets here today and get ordering your goodies!