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Which Of These Retro Sweets Can You Still Remember?

Certain things in life bring back many fond memories of carefree childhood days and memories from a time where life was a lot easier. Retro Sweets are sure to take your and your friends on a trip down memory lane back to your school days and will bring back many fond memories from back in the day. 

Candy Letters | Keep It SweetHaribo Friendship Rings | Keep It Sweet

So just why do we love traditional and retro sweets so much? The growing popularity of these tasty treats is largely a trend for adults. With everything from Pear Drops to Toasted Teacakes to dig into, there is guaranteed to be something that reminds you of your childhood and will not only taste too good to be true, but also bring the memories flooding back. It seems like everyday there are new sweets appearing in the supermarket aisles (often weird and wacky!) but unlike retro sweets, they won’t bring an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and hit that sentimental sweet spot! 

One of the most popular retro sweets that are devoured by children and adults alike are jelly sweets. From Jelly Phones to Jelly Snails, they are available in a huge variety of different shapes, colours and flavours and are some of the most fun to eat. The first known jelly sweets were Jelly Teddy Bears - these soft and juicy fruit flavoured teddy shaped sweets are some of the cutest and tastiest sweets and are an iconic childhood classic. What better way to remember those carefree school days than with these delicious retro sweets? Or why not ‘propose’ with a Jelly Ring? Or surprise your friends with a Jelly Snake? 

Another classic favourite is Candy Letters. Along with Alphabet Gums, these fruity flavoured sweet letters taste delicious. We are all told not to play with our food as children, but these are the one exception! Many of us will remember trying to find all the letters to spell out our names as children and then happily devouring the sentence we’d made. These would make a great gift for your own children or why not spell out a nice message for a friend and then enjoy these sweet delights together? 

Or why not incorporate retro sweets for a great Birthday gift? Retro Classics Jars are available in multiple sizes and would make a perfect gift of nostalgia for a friend to take them back to their school days - the jar can even be personalised! These jars are full to the brim of some of the most popular retro sweets that all of us will remember - including Retro Foam Mix, Candy Lipsticks and Rainbow Drops. Candy Lipsticks have been around for years and are one of the sweets that are just that bit more enjoyable and exciting to eat as a child. Pucker up and enjoy the taste of this fruity Love Hearts flavoured treat with your friends, along with Candy Whistles, Candy Watches and the all time classic Candy Necklace - yum! 

There are hundreds of different Retro Sweets to choose from that are guaranteed to give you a blast from the past back to your school days so have some fun! Why not see if you and your friends can still handle sour with Fizzy Fish or even Fizzy Chips? Can you still handle the tongue tingling thrill of sour sweets or will your eyes start to water… 

We also have the perfect nostalgic addition to go alongside your retro sweets. Retro toys are perfect for party bags. Whether it’s a child’s Birthday party or a themed party, retro toys are guaranteed to bring out everyone’s inner fun side and put a smile on people’s faces. Pocket Puzzle Bubbles are the ideal toy to keep the kids entertained. This colourful tub of bubble mixture, with a tricky ball puzzle game in the lid, is sure to entertain anyone for hours on end and is a toy that will get used time and time again - bubbles will never get old! Another great addition to a child’s party bag is a Smiley Boingy. This iconic childhood favourite is affordable and watching it’s big yellow head rocketing through the air will provide endless amounts of fun!  

 View our full retro sweets collection online here and order today for instant fun and to revisit old memories.