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Boiled Sweets

Personalised Sweet Wrappers | Keep It Sweet

Offering personalised boiled sweets, hard boiled sweets which are available to be customised by flavour, shape, pattern, and are even available with Custom Sweet Wrappers. Personalised Boiled Sweets along with Promotional Sweet Wrappers are a great cost effective way of gathering the exposure your brand requires.

On top of our Custom Sweet Wrappers, Hard Boiled sweets are available to be customised by Colour, Flavour, Pattern and Shape. We can even customise the centre e.g. soft centred, Sherbet filled, flavoured centre etc. Why not take a browse through our selection of Hard Boiled Sweets and discover your favourite flavour combination.

A branded boiled sweet can make for an extremely effective marketing tool, especially when combined with promotional Sweet Wrappers. There small, cost effective and incredibly delicious, what better way is there to promote your brand?

Although Boiled Sweet don’t offer much in terms of branding, Promotional Sweet Wrappers do. Custom Sweet Wrappers can be printed with your organisations logo, artwork or personal message and add a truly personal touch to your boiled sweets.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our custom boiled sweets and promotional sweet wrappers, or to enquire about the printing size on Custom Sweet Wrappers, then please get in touch today. You can contact us via email at or via our contact form. Alternatively if you would prefer to speak with a member of the Keep It Sweet team over the telephone, then please do so on: 01202 486256, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to discuss your personalised boiled sweet requirements. Keep it Sweet are your leading supplier of personalised hard boiled sweets and custom sweet wrappers in the UK.

Boiled sweets can be customised in the following ways:

From £0.05 per sweet based on single boiling of 5000 sweets (approx). Excl VAT and delivery.

Min quantity 1 boiling of 5000 sweets (approx)


  • Colour: This is done visually and is best achieved by using a printed material to match by eye
  • Flavour: Think of a flavour and it is probably available.  Mix and match flavours to create a truly unique sweet
  • Centre: Plain boiled, soft centred, sherbet filled, flavoured centre e.g. Chocolate Limes
  • Pattern: Plain, striped, twin or triple colour
  • Shape: Pear, cube, ball or lozenge
  • Wrapper: Wrappers can be printed in single or multi-colour print. Personalised Sweet Wrappers are purchased on rolls of 50 kg.  This allows for many boilings of sweets, becoming more cost effective the greater the number of sweets produced

The lead time for boiled sweets in clear wrappers or unwrapped can be as little as 10 working days, often less.  More bespoke work involving custom sweet wrappers normally takes up 3-4 weeks from approval of artwork.

Example Product 1:

  • Plain Boiled 8g Sweet
  • Flavour Banana
  • Pattern Twin Colour
  • Colour Yellow/cream
  • Personalised Sweet Wrapper

Price Excl. VAT and Delivery

£0.21+VAT per sweet for the first boiling of 5000 sweets.

£0.05+VAT per sweet for subsequent boiling of 5000 sweets, up to maximum of 250,000 sweets.

Example Product 2:

  • Plain boiled 8g sweet
  • Flavour cola
  • Pattern twin colour
  • Colour purple/yellow
  • Clear wrapper

Price Excl. VAT and Delivery

£0.06+VAT per sweet for the first boiling of 5000 sweets.

£0.05+VAT per sweet for subsequent boiling of 5000 sweets.

Contact us: 01202 486256 or