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Bon Bons

Bon Bons

From £0.03 per sweet based on 700kg 110,000 sweets approx.  Price Excl VAT and delivery.

Minimum order quantity 700kg (1 pallet).

Available as a traditional hard toffee ball covered in flavoured sugar powder or as a lightly powdered chewy version.  Bon Bons have been a firm favourite for over one hundred years and their appeal is still strong.  Customised options are limited but they can form a delicious part of a great give away involving some of our great packaging ideas.


  • Colour: Single, twin or triple colour options.
  • Flavour: Think of a flavour and it is probably available.  Mix and match flavours to create a truly unique sweet.  

Example Product:

  • Beer flavoured Bon Bons.
  • Twin Colour
  • Colour Bergundy/Cream
  • Bagged 10 per bag (65g approx)
  • 10,000 branded bags £0.44+VAT per bag Excl. VAT & Delivery

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