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10 Sweets That Make You Ask “Who Buys Those?”

The most iconic sweets around are all household names – Cola Bottles, Fizz Wiz and Drumstick Lollies are just a few of the most popular Retro Sweets of all time that we are sure will continue to be firm favourites for a long time. But what about the other less popular and more unusual sweets that are less well known? Here are our top ten more unusual sweets that may just make you ask “Who on earth buys those!?”…


Fizzy Fish | Keep It SweetButter Mints | Keep It Sweet


1. Butter Mints - Smooth, slightly creamy mellow mint. These classic, nostalgic flavour sweets will send your on a trip down memory lane as your childhood comes spilling into your head! Their buttery cream taste melting on your tongue reminds us of a hazy summers day. Perfect for keeping the kids quiet for a few minutes or for relaxing after a long day, you really can’t go wrong with these delightful classics.

2. Aniseed Twists are another old school favourite that you may not have heard of. Anise is an ancient spice that has been around as long as anyone can remember. It has had many previous uses, including by the Romans who often served spiced anise cakes at the close of ‘rich entertainment’ to avoid indigestion and flatulence. Nowadays its used in sweets and aniseed twists are oh-so-delightful - The flavour is all tightly twirled up ready to be unleashed in your mouth, with just one succulent bite!

3. Chewing Nuts are another sweet that might remind you of your Grandma but are not to be overlooked so quickly. Chewing nuts are the original chocolate flavoured coated toffee sweet. A bag of these will keep most people happy and your teeth stuck together all day long! Perfect for parties or just to keep the kids happy in the car! A brilliant chocolate toffee taste in just one tiny mouthful.

4. Chocolate Limes are a weird sounding combination that actually work together like a dream. Zesty green lime wrapped around a smooth milk chocolate centre. The great combination of texture and flavour are like no other for this sweet! The zingy and invigorating taste of the lime mixed the wholesome, creamy chocolate really is like explosions in your mouth, so if you decide that these delicious classics tickle your fancy then brace yourself as fireworks of flavour explode in your mouth!

5. Fizzy Fish are a bright and colourful favourite that would look great displayed in one of our glass sweet jars or to give to guests as a party or wedding favour. Wonderfully tongue-tingling and fizz-worthy, be prepared to have to restrain yourself from eating them all at once!

6. Floral Gums. These are a love them or hate them kind of sweet, but you know what they say – you don’t know until you try! If you’re looking for something delicious and delicate to eat, you’ll love these lightly floral-tasting mini gums. They are possibly the most ladylike sweet you can buy, so pop your hand in the bag, put your pinkie in the air and chew, chew, chew!!! Similar to these are Cherry Lips – another scented sweet that has an acquired taste but that we LOVE! Or why not try the more well know Parma Violets for the ultimate taste test?

7. Funny Money Edible Paper is a kids classic that is perfect for kids parties (or adults a.k.a big kids!) dible rice paper like what you’d get in the ole days, but now decorated as Euro bank notes. You get two packets of 18 notes per portion. Why not buy some money... (that's weird to say..) and then shove it in your mouth and let the delicious rice paper melt on your tongue as it used to when you were little! Give this crazy sweet a go if not for nostalgia's sake!

8. Ginger Creams are another traditional old school delight on our list of all-time favourites. A crumbly creamy sweet with a hint of firey ginger. A true classic, perfect for warming you up on a cold winter's day, after a walk by the beach or in the country. A perfect example of a 'granny' sweet, this is definitely one she'd have in her handbag to offer you, don't you think!?

9. Midget Gems are a fruity delight not to be missed. Deliciously rich with fruit flavour you won't be able to resist these scrumptious gums! Perfect for secret munching perhaps in a meeting or whilst catching up with old friends, these are a true crowd pleaser!

10. Pink Porkers are a brilliant chocolatey delight to end our list. Strawberry chocolate flavoured pig shaped sweets - really smooth and creamy perfect for sweetening mum up so she'll give you a ride to the cinema also quite good to scoff and gobble between yourselves on a girly sleepover! So velvety soft and strawberrylicious there's nothing not to like! ...Oink...Oink!

View our full range of retro sweets here and do let us know if there’s any you think we’ve missed!