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Personalised Party Bags - An extra touch for your Party

From jam packed, sugar filled Party Bags for the kids to Retro Favours for the adults; we offer everything to add the wow factor to your party and to leave a lasting sweet memory with your guests. Take a look at our huge range of party bags to match your theme or create your own Personalised Party Bags to add a truly unique touch to your celebration.

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Our selection of filled Party Bags come in many different themes to suit any occasion and are the perfect way to treat your guests to a little sugar fix without breaking the bank. Our Retro Party Bag is a favourite for every event and is filled with plenty of old-school classics from days gone by. Be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face with deliciously chewy Drumstick Lollies, zingy Refresher Chews, Fizzy Cola Bottles and much more. Not only are the contents of our themed bags truly scrumptious, but our paper kraft bags complete with a colourful sticker alone are enough to get your guests excited!

The Hen Party Bag is the perfect naughty little delight for you and the girls to tuck into before the big day. Filled to the brim with all things pink and girly, be sure to get your sugar fix with all things heart shaped  and show off the rock on your Ring Pop! All of our bags are available in both sizes small and large to suit every budget and to cater for all numbers of people and can all be made with a bespoke sticker to create your very own Personalised Party Bag. Another great themed bag is the Tutti Frutti Bag. This super collection of all sweets fruity is packed into a bright orange bag, complete with a green sticker, to celebrate those summer days (or to bring a touch of summer to winter!) Take a trip down memory lane with Tooty Frooties and allow your guests to feel like a child once again with delicious Tango Popping Candy - don’t say you’re not getting hungry just thinking about it!

Along with Themed and Personalised Party Bags, we also have a huge range of retro favours to treat your guests with at an event, party or wedding. Our Pillow Boxes are the latest additions to our sugary range and are the perfect pint-sized delights to surprise your guests with. Give them their sugar fix to keep them going on the dance floor into the night and allow them to take away plenty of happy memories with these affordable and cute boxes of goodness! Choose from Jelly Bean Hearts, Jelly Hearts or a larger Love Sweets themed box to show your guests a little bit of love. We also have plenty of other Perspex favours that not only have delicious contents, but will also look great with a place setting to add an extra touch to your party. Our Loveheart Pyramids are a unique favour containing 7 rolls of Mini Lovehearts - the nation’s favourite sweets! Did you know that the Lovehearts factory has been nicknamed ‘The Factory Of Love’ after 122 employees have met and found love? If that’s not a sign that these sweets are meant to be then we don’t know what is!

And once you have chosen your Personalised Party Bags, you’ll need some jazzy decorations, right? We have plenty of personalised items and table centre pieces to blow your guests away with and ordering them could not be easier. Our Personalised Candy Crate would make a great party centre piece and once filled with your favourite sweets and treats, its guaranteed to put a smile on your guest’s faces. Add up to 2 lines of your own text to be printed on the box to create a box that can be treasured for years to come, long after the last guest leaves! Or why not get your guests mouths watering with a Mega Tuckshop Box? This bumper sized hamper is perfect for catering for large numbers and contains over 28 different types of retro sweets from times gone by. Give guests a chocolate fix with delicious chewy Poppets, make their eyes water with Haribo Sour Cherries and give them a sense of nostalgia with traditional creamy White Mice.

We are firm believers that it’s not a good party without some party games! Why not give even the less competitive guests an incentive to win by incorporating some retro and traditional sweets into the mix?! Have a game of ‘Guess how many Sweets are in the Jar’ running throughout the event, see who can get a Pink Pig from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands or even add a few old-school classics in between the pass the parcel layers to get the excitement going!

If you’re looking for some fun little bits and bobs to add to your Personalised Party Bags, why not take a look at our range of Retro Toys. Great fun for both adults and children, entertain your guests with Flying Gliders, Spud Guns, Fortune Telling Fish and many more old school favourites.

If you would like to find out more about our selection of Personalised Party Bags (which you can view here) or our themed party bags, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch using our contact form or via email at Alternatively, one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help with any sweet related queries you may have on 01202 486256. Happy Partying!