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10 Crafty Ideas For Your Old Sweet Jars

You’ve devoured all the tasty contents of your sweet jars, but just what to do with them now? The most obvious option is simply to fill them up again with all your favourite treats. However, there are also plenty of other ways to get creative with your old sweet jars - here are our top 10 crafty ideas…

5Ltr Glass Sweet Jar | Sweet Jars | Keep It Sweet3Ltr Glass Sweet Jar | Sweet Jars | Keep It Sweet

1.       First up, why not grab a paintbrush and show off your artistic (or not so artistic!) talents on your old sweet jars. Use glass paints, or even nail varnish, for a cheap and easy way to spruce up an old jar and to create a brilliant keep sake to add a splash of colour around the house. Why not use stencils to add unique patterns and designs?

2.       Another fantastic way to bring new life to a boring empty sweet jar is with fairy lights. Choose some pretty battery powered lights, place in your jar and voila! A super easy and quick table or garden decoration that looks stunning! You could even choose different coloured lights and create a whole selection of jars! Or for an even simpler option, simply place a tea light in one of our glass sweet jars and you’re sorted - decoration couldn’t be easier.

3.       Winter’s coming and flowers and plants might start to have a hard time outside. Create your very own vase or vintage plant pot with old sweet jars that look great as well as do the job. Or for a more abstract take on this traditional idea, why not fill a sweet jar with some milk chocolate flowers? They are just as beautiful as real flowers in our eyes and taste a million times better! This is also the perfect gift for any budding gardeners out there!

4.       On the topic of gifts, sweet jars are the perfect way to create unique presents for all occasions that are sure to put a big smile on someone’s face and that they are sure to remember for years to come. Simply fill a jar with their favourite sweets and treats or take a look here at some of our themed sweet jars, including our Boys Jar and even a Spooky Jar, where there is sure to be something for everyone. We even offer personalised sweet jars for you to add a special twist to any gift.

5.       With Christmas just around the corner, why not create some rustic looking decorations with your old sweet jars? One of our all time favourite uses of sweet jars are making snow globes out of them. Get crafty with whatever you want to put in your snow globe - whether it be traditional festive items or even photos and pictures and then simply add distilled water, a touch of glycerin and as much glitter as you please to create a truly unique magical globe. Just be prepared to unintentionally sparkle for weeks to come if you’re using glitter! Why not use one of our tiny 250ml jars and create your very own snow globe to hang on the tree?

6.       Another festive use of old sweet jars is to create a cookie gift jar for your friends and family. Weigh out all the dry ingredients needed to make cookies and then place them in the jar. Tie a ribbon around the top for the finishing touch and then give as a gift - then all that person has to do is add any other ingredients needed and pop the cookies in the oven (and eat them of course!) This is not only a great thoughtful gift for busy people who are always on the go, but is as much fun to make and display as it is to give - a sure gift to go down a treat this year!

7.       Once you’ve devoured all the delicious treats inside your jar, why not make it into a fun, retro cup? Ensure you have a flat lid for your jar, like our brightly coloured ones here, make a hole, add a straw, decorate the jar however you wish and you have a super simple, super fun drinks cup! Why not make lots for the perfect retro touch to any party?

8.       Another simple but highly effective way to decorate your old sweet jars is to add blackboard paint. Either paint the whole jar, or use a stencil to paint shapes and wait for it to dry to create your very own portable canvas! These also double up as the perfect cute and crafty place setting as you can write peoples names on a jar and then re-use them over and over!

9.       Old sweet jars are brilliant for storage. From random bits and bobs around the house to storing your keys so you never lose them, the options are endless! Why not use them as pen pots for your desk for a unique touch to your office?

10.   And last but definitely not least, simply re-fill your old sweet jars with more sweets! Although this may not be the most crafty option, it is by far the tastiest!

View our full range of sweet jars here and start getting creative…