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10 Most Unusual Sweets Found In The UK

We’ve all heard of the classic Cola Bottles, Fruit Salads and Lollipops, but just what about all the other sweets out there? If you are looking for some weird, wacky or simply some more unusual sweets then you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than here at Keep It Sweet for all the hidden gems of the sweet world – here’s our top ten…

Beer Bottles | Keep It SweetCherry Lips | Keep It Sweet

Cola Bottles are a classic childhood delight – but just what happens when you mix them up, make them fizzy and turn them bubble gum flavoured? Fizzy Blue Bottles is your answer! The fizziest sweet bottle of them all, these aren't to be confused with blue bottles as in the type of fly, as that would be gross! No, not at all, these delicious classics are so taste bud tingling that you'd better order them quick or else they'll all go! A truly old-school classic!

Jelly brains - Add some sweet horror to your Halloween or simply scare your visitors all year around with our really scary jelly brain shaped sweets. Perfect for putting out for 'trick or treaters' or your own Halloween party this year! So sweet and squishy you'll believe you're actually eating jelly brains! Grossly yummy!! Equally gruesome are our Jelly Frogs, Jelly Snails and Jelly Skulls – ewww!

Remember pretending to get married with a Haribo ring or playing mums and dads with a jelly dummy? Fizzy Dummies are delicious fizzy fruity dummy shaped pieces. Bound to keep any mouth quiet for 5 minutes and fill you with plenty of nostalgic childhood memories. So deliciously fruity-tooty with a mouth-puckering twist!! A favourite of any sweet lover!

Liquorice comfits – Love it or hate it, liquorice is one of the oldest sweets around. Sadly, its often overlooked but here at Keep It Sweet we are firm fans of this traditional delight! Liquorice Comfits are one of the most colourful liquorice treats and are so darn crunchy and tasty you won't want to share these beauties! Their crisp sugar coating is so sweet it's hard to resist these classic sweet shop favourites!

Toffee crumble - A sweet so good that you'll never live without it once you try it.  The principle is take a Twix and put it through a mincer, what you get is a rich biscuity, chocolate, caramel combination that is so good we almost kept it all for ourselves. Perfect to please even the fussiest of guests, and let's be honest there's always one! Why not display these in one of our glass sweet jars for the ultimate coffee table welcome?

Chocolate flavour pebbles – Although the thought of eating pebbles isn’t very appealing, just wait until you try Chocolate pebbles! One of the most unusual of the Unusual Sweets out there, these chocolate flavoured, sugar coated pebble shapes are absolutely stunning and they look so realistic... they'd be perfect for practical jokes or for very pretty edible decorations at any wedding or party. They'd also be perfect for centre pieces, wedding receptions or any themed party. How about some mixed in with some pirate treasure? or in conjunction with some little chocolate hearts at a wedding? Whatever you decide they'll be sure to please as they taste so good!

Liquorice Torpedos are another great liquorice option for all you fans out there.The big brother of Liquorice Comfits, they are big in size  and big in flavour, these are one of the best for lovers of classic liquorice sweets. Their vivid, colourful sugar coating is just as appetizing as the chewy rich centre, yum, yum, yum!!!

Jelly Beer Bottles are perfect for all the dads out there! Why trek to the pub when you can get a sweet treat right from home!? These soft jelly bottles taste very much like real beer...though unlike beer they contain no alcohol, so you can eat them and drive, Yipee!! Perfect to enjoy with a few mates on an Xbox marathon, or perhaps at your team's footie match, or maybe you just want to sweeten dad up so he'll give you a tenner for the movies! Don't worry these are sure to do the job!

Floral Gums are another love them or hate them treat – but you know what they say, you don’t know until you try!

Cherry Lips are a retro favourite that we adore. If you’re looking for something delicious and delicate to eat, you’ll love these lightly scented cheery cherry gums. Perfect as a light afternoon snack or as a present for gran, not too heavy, just a light tasty treat.

View our full range of Retro Sweets here – the popular, the weird and the unusual. If you would like to buy sweets online from our extensive selection, or to enquire about the tastiest tuck shop sweets that we have to offer, then please get in touch today. You can order sweets online directly through our site’s store. Alternatively, if you would prefer some advice on the best sweets to choose, or to just speak with a member of staff, then please contact us either using our contact form, via email at:, or by ringing us on: 01202 486256, and a member of the Keep It Sweet Team will be happy to assist you.