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10 Reasons Why People Love Retro Sweets

Fruit Salads, Black Jacks and Flying Saucers. Ring a bell? If you’ve got anything of a sweet tooth like us then the thought of sweets and chocolate is sure to get your mouth-watering and your tongue tingling! Here at Keep It Sweet we’ve got thousands of different retro sweets on offer from years gone by that are sure to take your fancy, no matter how fussy you are. But just why are retro sweets so popular? Here are 10 reasons why retro sweets will trump newbies to the market time and time again…

Fruit Salads | Retro Sweets | Keep It SweetFlying Saucers | Retro Sweets | Keep It Sweet

1.       Remember days spent getting sticky coat pockets from penny sweets? Or sneaking to the corner shop after school to stock up on treats and goodies? One of the major reasons that retro sweets are as popular as ever is the memories they bring! Maybe you bought Candy Sticks every day after school, or maybe your granny would always treat you to a Mint Imperial (didn’t everyone’s?!). Whatever retro sweets you can remember - we have it! Or why not take a browse through our brilliant range to see which ones you can remember? Our huge range of retro sweets contains something for everyone to dig into and is sure to bring back plenty of nostalgia and memories of your school days and years gone by…You can even buy your favourites in bulk so you’ll never be short of a sugar fix!

2.       Another reason why we love retro sweets is because of the huge range of different flavours on offer. From Aniseed to Lemon, Cherry to Rhubarb, or even a wacky combination of them all, there is something to satisfy every possible craving out there! Some of our favourites are classic fruity flavours sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Tuck into some Blue Raspberry Bon Bons for a truly delicious (and very blue!) childhood throwback, see how many Orange Millions you can chew at once or see if you can still handle an extreme Fizzy Strawberry Belt without pulling a face! What are you waiting for? Get ordering today

3.       On the subject of flavours - some of the most loved retro sweets are the most tongue-tingling, eye-watering options out there. From Snot Shots to classic Toxic Waste Bars, we have all the most extreme sweets out there that are sure to give your taste buds a shock. Another of our favourites are Mega Sour Apple Balls. Not only do these hardcore delights look like they’ll give your taste buds a run for your money, but they are also super affordable and great for sharing amongst your friends - can you still handle the sour!?

4.       Retro Sweets not only taste great, but they also have a wide range of different uses that are just another reason they’re so popular. One of these uses is as gifts. Here at Keep It Sweet we’ve got a fantastic selection of ready made sweet gifts on offer that are suitable for all occasions. Take a look here at our brilliant range of themed Sweet Jars that are sure to be remembered for years to come. Our Retro Classics Jar is one of our most popular options and is the obvious choice for any sweet lover out there! It contains everything from Rainbow Drops to Drumstick Lollies to put a smile on your face. However, we also have a huge selection of other themed jars to suit every occasion and to tickle everybody’s fancy! We even have Personalised Sweet Jars if you want to add an extra special, unique touch to a present.

5.       Next up on our list of reasons to love retro sweets is they are suitable for all seasons! Whether you want to celebrate the Christmas season with Jelly Reindeer or scare away Trick-or-treaters with oozing Chocolate Eyeballs - retro sweets are sure not to disappoint! With summer looming around the corner, why not tuck into some brightly coloured Beach Mix to add a fun touch to a classic BBQ?

6.       Along with being themed, many retro sweets are also available in a huge range of different wacky shapes. Spell out your name with some mouth wateringly yummy Alphabet Gums, strut your stuff with a high-fashion Candy Watch, or confuse your grandparents with some delicious fruity Dentures. There is something oh so satisfying about eating something in a fun shape!

7.       Not only are retro sweets great for bringing back memories, but they are also super easy to find sweets from the decade you grew up in. Take a look here at our sweet decades to find your childhood delights! Many of our favourite retro sweets are from the 70’s. From brightly coloured Crazy Beans to explosive Lemon Sherbets, the 70s had it all when it comes to all sweet wonderful and wacky!

8.       When looking through these old school sweets, there may be one thing you think of…party bags! One of the reason we love retro sweets so much is the brilliant happy memories they bring back of rummaging through your party bag on the way home and scoffing your face with all the sugary delights. But this feeling doesn’t have to be a distant memory - we’ve got a fantastic selection of party bags on offer for you to send your guests home with a smile on their face or you can even create your very own!

9.       Next up is that retro sweets not only taste great, but look great! With retro sweets available in every colour under the sun, they are great for adding a splash of colour to your coffee table or for jazzing up a dull meeting table - but just be aware, they won’t stay there for long!

10.   Finally, we love retro sweets because they will forever be a brilliant talking point. Simply sharing a bag of your old school favourite treats amongst your friends is sure to get the conversation flowing (and your mouths watering!) and we are pretty certain that retro sweets will never grow old!