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10 Retro Sweets That Are Still Popular Today

From Toxic Waste to Strawberry Bon Bons, our childhoods were filled with some of the tastiest sweets around! These Retro Sweets are amongst many that have made a comeback in recent years, along with even weirder, wackier and tastier new additions. Here at Keep It Sweet we are always looking to find the ultimate selection of Retro Sweets that are still around, so here are our top 10 at the minute! 

Black Jacks | Keep It Sweet Love Hearts | Keep It Sweet

  • One of the oldest and most iconic types of retro sweets is Boiled Sweets. Sometimes, simple is best! Their creation dates back as far as the 19th century and they are traditionally made using copper pans and a whole range of different shaped moulds. Our most popular hard boiled sweets include fizzy and fruity Lemon Sherbets and old-school favourite Cola Cubes. But if these don’t take your fancy, then do not fear! We have everything from brightly coloured Pineapple Rock to classic Clove Balls to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


  • Amongst our fantastic range of Retro Sweets, there are a few that need an acquired taste! One of the most famous ‘love-them or hate-them’ classics is Parma Violets. Much like Marmite, these unique violet flavoured are sure to lead to endless debates amongst friends and family, but must be tried at least once! Another controversial sweet treat to try is Aniseed Balls. These classic red sweets have a great colour, but arguably not such a great taste (we disagree!). Aniseed is made from anise, a plant which has been used since the 14th century (a long time) and was used by the Romans at the end of a marriage feast to ease indigestion. Again, another classic that must be tried at least once, you never know you might find a new favourite treat! 


  • One of the most famous retro sweets of all time is Lovehearts. Originally used for Christmas cracker sweets, these iconic favourites taste out of this world and were even chosen as an icon of the 20th century! Tuck into a roll of these delicious treats or why not spread the love amongst your family and friends with rolls of Mini Lovehearts? We even stock Mini Loveheart Cubes and Pyramids that make the perfect sweet wedding favour and are a sure way to put a smile on your guests’ faces. 

  • Along with Mini Lovehearts, we also stock a fantastic range of wedding sweets and favours involving retro sweets to add an extra sweet touch to your big day. One of our favourite options is Fish and Chip Cones. The traditional English meal just got better, now it comes in the form of deliciously creamy white chocolate pieces, without all the grease! What’s not to like!? Fill your guests with nostalgic memories and give them the perfect sugar boost they need to get them up on the dance floor! Also perfect for weddings are Sweet Bars. These beautiful glass jars are filled with all the best retro sweets from years gone by, including Jelly Babies, Foam Bananas and fruity Fizzers. Along with tongs and scoops for a realistic traditional feel, this is sure to be a hit with your guests and is perfect for catering for parties and events of all sizes. 



  • Black Jacks are another truly iconic favourite which will also turn your tongue an interesting shade. These fantastic chew sweets are made with aniseed, one of the oldest sweet ingredients ever. Did you know that in Medieval times it was used to protect people from the curse of the evil eye? Packed full of history and completely delicious, what more can you ask from this tasty treat!? 


  • One of our most popular personalised retro sweets is Personalised Fruit Rock. These bright and vibrant coloured fruity pieces are perfect for scattering across a table and have a personalised wrapper to make them memorable and fun to eat. These eye-catching bite-sized treats are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and will put a smile on every guest’s face at a baby shower. Bring back nostalgic memories of childhood trips to the seaside and take guests on a trip down memory lane with these tasty old-fashioned delights. 


  • Another popular option in our range of nostalgic retro sweets are Candy Necklaces. Remember showing off your incredible fashion sense as a child after discovering one of these beauties in a party bag? Personally, we find it very difficult to wear these for long as they are too tasty to resist! These multi-purpose treats are also great for kid’s parties - why not treat all your party guests to one of these fantastic sweets? We also stock them in bulk so you need never run out of your favourite sweet treat! 


  • Retro Sweets are also the perfect sweet touch to a wedding. Flying Saucers are one of the most popular retro sweets of all time and are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Not only do these sherbet-filled treats taste truly scrumptious, but they are also a fun splash of colour to add to your table decorations and to brighten up a place setting. Why not display these fun sweets in one of our beautiful bobble-topped glass sweet jars for a truly stunning addition to your special day? There are also plenty of fun ways to decorate glass sweet jars to add a personal touch - why not match a ribbon around the lid to your wedding colour scheme? 


  • Sugar Mice are popular sweets from the 80’s that are traditionally bought around the Christmas season, but taste just as good all year round. These cute looking sweets are available in a variety of different colours and flavours and have a unique, fudge-like and crumbly texture. These super scrummy delights will make a perfect gift (or gift to self!) and are sure to bring back many great memories.  


  • One of the most popular retro sweets that are devoured by children and adults alike are jelly sweets. From Jelly Phones to Jelly Snails, they are available in a huge variety of different shapes, colours and flavours and are some of the most fun to eat. The first known jelly sweets were Jelly Teddy Bears - these soft and juicy fruit flavoured teddy shaped sweets are some of the cutest and tastiest sweets and are an iconic childhood classic. What better way to remember those carefree school days than with these delicious retro sweets? Or why not ‘propose’ with a Jelly Ring? Or surprise your friends with a Jelly Snake? 


  • Barley Sugar is one of the oldest traditional sweets and is a firm family favourite. This classic wrapped golden orange delight was a favourite Christmas treat as far back as Victorian times and was also often consumed as a soothing throat lozenge. Although Barley Sugar may be looked over in favour of new wild and wacky retro or modern sweets, its comforting warm taste simply can’t be beaten and will definitely take you on a trip down memory lane.  View our full selection of retro sweets here!