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5 smashing ideas for your empty Glass Sweet Jars

Glass Sweet Jars | Retro Sweets | Keep It SweetGlass Sweet Jars | Retro Sweets | Keep It Sweet

One fantastic idea for bringing a boring old jar back to life is to paint it. You don’t have to be an artist to do this - simply grab yourself some glass paints or even some nail varnish and either paint the whole jar one colour or add a few designs. Why not use stencils for a simple, quick and fool-proof way to add a brilliant unique decoration for your home? Another simple but highly effective way to decorate your old sweet jars is to add blackboard paint. Either paint the whole jar or use a stencil to paint shapes and wait for it to dry to create your very own portable canvas! These also double up as the perfect cute and crafty place setting as you can write people’s names on a jar and then re-use them over and over! Even sharpies would work for an even simpler option to decorating jars!

Another fantastic way to bring new life to a boring empty sweet jar is with fairy lights. Choose some pretty battery powered lights, place in your jar and voila! A super easy and quick table or garden decoration that looks stunning and is sure to add a cosy touch to those cold, winter evenings as well as summer barbeques! You could even choose different coloured lights and create a whole selection of jars! Or for an even simpler option, simply place a tea light in one of our glass sweet jars and you’re sorted - decoration couldn’t be easier.

Our next favourite use for old Glass Sweet Jars is as a garden pot. Create your very own vase or vintage plant pot with old sweet jars that look great as well as do the job. Simply empty and old jar, add some soil and voila! You’re away. Perfect for flowers or an easy to take care of plant such as a cactus, a glass jar plant pot is the perfect artsy and unique addition to your mantelpiece or would make a fantastic present for a friend or relative. Why not decorate a jar with paints or stickers to add a fun touch?

Once you’ve devoured the delicious contents, why not make your empty glass sweet jar into a tealight holder? Add a candle or tealight or opt for a safer option of battery fairy lights if there’s children or clumsy adults around and you’ve got a super easy, super pretty addition to your home, perfect as the winter months start rolling in. Why not experiment with different coloured lights in each jar?

Of course, one of the most obvious options for an empty glass sweet jar is simply to refill it with more sweets! Here at Keep It Sweet, we’ve got hundreds of old-school retro sweets from all the previous decades gone by that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth and add new life to an old jar! Maybe you were a child of the 90s? The 90s saw a huge take-off of sour sweets and there was a huge demand for different types of eye-watering delights. One of the most popular was Toxic Waste. These individually wrapped boiled sweets are dangerously sour and will have your cheeks burning even at the sight of them.

View our full range of Glass Sweet Jars here and let us know what you’ve done with your old jars!