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5 Sweets Only Your Nan Will Remember

Amongst the hidden gems of the Retro Sweet world are some sweets that only your nan will fondly remember from the days of her childhood. From decades gone by, these traditional favourites are often overlooked, yet here at Keep It Sweet we are firm believers in that if they’re still around, there must be a reason for it! Whether you’re looking for some nostalgic old favourites or want to try something new and quirky, then we’ve got you sorted!

Fish And Chips SweetsChocolate Flavoured Pebbles

Fish And Chips

Up first are Fish and Chips, Celebrate hot summer days or brighten up cold, winter days with these creamy, white-chocolate fish and crinkle cut chip shaped traditional sweets.

Although Fish and Chips are no longer wrapped in newspaper, these would a make a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth or as a unique wedding favour for your guests. A nod to the traditional British dish, these creatively thought up sweets are pure white chocolate pieces of heaven. Fish and Chips would be perfect as a present for grandma as I’m sure one bite of these will take her back to her childhood.

These portions of Fish and Chips really are deeply delicious delights! We also now offer Fish and Chip cones for the ultimate wedding favour or party addition!


Floral Gums

Another traditional classic is Floral Gums. These are a love them or hate them kind of sweet, but you know what they say – you don’t know until you try! If you’re looking for something delicious and delicate to eat, you’ll love these lightly floral-tasting mini gums.

Floral Gums are possibly the most ladylike sweet you can buy, so pop your hand in the bag, put your pinkie in the air and chew, chew, chew!!! Similar to these are Cherry Lips, another scented sweet that has an acquired taste but that we LOVE! Or why not try the more well know Parma Violets for the ultimate taste test.

Floral Gums will be a perfect treat as a wedding favour which your guests will undoubtably love. Floral gums have will make your wedding day elegant, as well as being an out of the ordinary wedding favour.


Chocolate Flavour Pebbles

Up next on the list of classic delights are Chocolate Flavour Pebbles. These chocolate flavoured, sugar coated pebble shapes are absolutely stunning, and they look so realistic...

Chocolate Flavour Pebbles would be perfect for practical jokes or for very pretty edible decorations at any wedding or party. They'd also be perfect for centre pieces, wedding receptions or any themed party. How about some mixed in with some pirate treasure? or in conjunction with some little chocolate hearts at a wedding?

Whatever you decide to do with your Chocolate Flavour Pebbles, no one can deny they taste so good! Why not display some Chocolate Flavour Pebbles in one of our beautiful Glass Sweet Jars? Along with a bobble topped lid and a ribbon or two around the top, you’ve got a wonderful simple addition to any event that is sure to blow your guests away.



Liquorice is a classic sweet that has withstood the test of time, yet often gets overlooked as newer weird, wacky and wonderful sweets get created.

The use of Liquorice as a medicine and as a sweet dates back long before the biblical era to the beginnings of recorded times. Ancient Egyptians’ pharaohs are believed to have enjoyed chewing liquorice as far back as 2044 B.C. From Liquorice Comfits to delightful Liquorice Allsorts – we’ve got plenty of different old school treats for you to try.

Liquorice is a great nostalgic gift that not only tastes great but is also sure to bring back plenty of happy nostalgic memories from years gone by.


Classic Retro Chews

If you remember the good old days of penny sweets, then you will remember classic retro chews.

Our Mini Bar Mix is the perfect combination of the best retro chews including Mini Whams, Refresher Chews, Banana Split Bars and Drumstick Bars amongst many others that are the perfect sweet treat to stick your teeth into after a long day. These bright and colourful chew bars not only taste delicious, but also look great and are the perfect way to spice up your coffee table to impress guests or to give as a nostalgic gift to someone special.

Our Mini Bar Mix will look fantastic in any home, why not display them in one of our beautiful glass bowls or plastic sweet jars for a brilliant table centre piece?

View our full selection of old school, traditional sweets here and get choosing your favourites.