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7 Sweets You’ll Remember if you were a 90s Kid

Remember the days of Melody Pops, Cherry Drops and Sherbet Straws? Wish you could still enjoy the excitement of the old sweet shop on the corner? Here at Keep It Sweet, we have a huge selection of all the best 90s Sweets to take you on a trip down memory lane and to re-ignite your taste buds with all your old favourites! Here are our top 10 sweets from the 90s…

Fish & Chips | Keep It SweetDolly Mixture | Keep It Sweet

1.       Some of the most iconic 90s sweets are also some of the most tongue-tingling! The 90s saw a huge take-off of sour sweets and there was a huge demand for different types of eye-watering delights. One of the most popular was Toxic Waste. These individually wrapped boiled sweets are dangerously sour and will have your cheeks burning even at the sight of them. Think you’re tough? Just wait until you try one of these!


2.       Lollies were also big in the 90s. Drumstick Lollies are a true retro classic and are still just as chewy and wonderful as you remember. Did you know that these iconic milk and raspberry flavoured sweets were actually created by accident? We personally think this is one of the best accidents to ever happen in the world and are still as massive fans of these 90s sweets as we were back in the day.


3.       Next on our list of the best sweets from the 90s are Apple Cubes. These zangy cubes are a true blast from the past and were a popular addition back when penny sweets were a thing. This is a treat to impress even the fussiest of sugar fans and is the perfect bite-sized fix to a sweet tooth. We also stock Cola Cubes and Pineapple Cubes if you fancy mixing it up a bit!


4.       Coconut Mushrooms are next on our list. An undiscovered gem in our opinion, these sweet treats are so deliciously moreish, you better not offer them to anyone or else there won't be any left for you to scoff! They taste so wonderfully scrumptious, they'll be on everybody's' wish list. Perfect for keeping your sister sweet or to keep dad from nagging you to do the washing-up.


5.       Another favourite from our selection of sweets from the 90s is Rainbow Drops. These fun multi-coloured delights are truly scrumptious and are the perfect melt on your tongue treat. Perfect for sharing amongst friends, tucking into in front of a film or dealing out at a sleepover, there is no reason not to like them! We have to warn you though, it’s impossible not to munch your way through a whole bag in one go!


6.       Dolly Mixture is still just as iconic today as they were back in the day. Perfect for tea parties, decorating cupcakes, or for munching on as you go about your day to day, you really cannot go wrong with these 90s sweets. Why not display some of these in one of our beautiful Glass Sweet Jars and display on your coffee table for guests? Or jazz up a table centrepiece at a wedding or party with these delights – a sure way to put a big smile on your guests’ faces.


7.       Last but not least on our list of favourites 90s sweets are Fish and Chips. Deliciously creamy and shaped like the real British seaside takeaway, this white chocolate treat is the perfect snack to take you on a trip down memory lane. We also offer Fish and Chip Wedding Favours for the perfect sweet touch to add to your wedding that is sure to give your guests the sugar kick needed to get them up on the dance floor!


If you would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of 1990s sweets or to inquire about larger orders, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch using our contact form, or alternatively, if you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team over the telephone, then please do so on: 01202 486256. We are a leading retailer of 1990s sweets, browse our selection of sweets from the 90s today!!