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9 Reasons Why You Should Order Sweets Online

From the local corner shop to all the big supermarkets - there’s plenty of places you can get your hands on your favourite sweet treats. So just why should you order sweets online? Here’s our top 9 reasons why…

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1.       Supermarket hassle. There is no denying that internet shopping is a great invention. It means that you never have to battle through hoards of high street shoppers, haul a heavy basket or manoeuvre your trolley through a busy aisle ever again. Here at Keep It Sweet we offer hundreds of different retro and traditional sweets for you to choose from, all of which can be bought from the comfort of your own sofa and can suit every budget. What’s not to love?!...

2.       Another great reason to order sweets online from Keep It Sweet is we have a huge selection of classic traditional sweets to choose from. Traditional and old fashioned sweets are sure to bring back plenty of memories of the old sweet shop on the corner. Remember taking your pocket money along and seeing how many Rhubarb and Custard Pips you could get for your 50p? Or sneaking a bag of Bon Bons in your pocket so mum wouldn’t know? Take a look at our fantastic range of Sherbet Pips, Strawberry and Creams and much more here.

3.       Along with our fantastic traditional treats we also organise all of our sweets into the decades they were created or became popular to make it even easier for you to find your favourite sweets to order online. For example, the 1960s was not only a time for flares and flower crowns, but also for a whole host of delicious sweets and goodies! With sugar rationing ceasing only a decade before, the 60s saw a boom in iconic sweets including Gumballs, Pear Drops and the all-time favourite Jelly Beans that have been loved and devoured throughout the years.

4.       Ordering Sweets Online is perfect for those last minute gifts and will save you a whole lot of stress. Retro Sweets are the perfect gift for sweet-toothed pals and are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories to help someone celebrate every occasion. We have plenty of different gifts and sweets available and you can buy all our sweets online for the perfect easy, but unique and thoughtful gift. We have everything from Spooky Jars to Christmas themed Jars that are perfect for every occasion and are sure to put a smile on somebody’s face. With both standard and next day delivery available your gifts can be on your doorstep in as little as 1 working day.

5.       One of the most popular options for ordering sweets online rather than at the shops is the huge range of choice. With hundreds and hundreds of different delights to choose from, we’ve got everyone covered here at Keep It Sweet (even the fussiest of eaters!) Maybe you are looking for obscure childhood treats which are no longer sold on the high street? Or are searching for something new and exciting to try? With everything from the nation’s all-time favourites to the hidden gems of the sweet world, online is the place to be!

6.       We also offer a range of bulk sweets that are available to buy online. Buying sweets in bulk is the perfect way to keep stocked up with all your favourite sweet treats or is a great way to save money if you are catering for larger numbers of people. We have everything from Black Jacks to Fried Eggs available to buy in bulk so there is plenty of choice to get your taste buds tingling!

7.       The next reason to order sweets online is we also offer Personalised Sweets. Why not make your own Personalised Sweet Jar filled with all of their favourite retro sweets? With hundreds of sweets to choose from, the options are endless and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Or maybe you are looking for personalised sweets for party bags? Choose from one of our themed party bags or make your own and choose the contents to add a fun twist to a classic birthday party bag and to keep your guests entertained. Personalise the colour of the bag, the sticker and choose from hundreds of retro sweets.

8.       Here at Keep It Sweet we also have a range of Sweet Jars available to order. From themed plastic jars to bespoke glass jars, we’ve got a beautiful range of jars to suit every budget and in a range of different sizes. Whether you’re looking for a nice way to display sweets, or a simple way to store kitchen products or random bits and bobs around the house, jars are great for all uses.

9.       Our final reason to order sweets online is because of our brilliant branded sweets range. Branded confectionery is a highly effective promotional tool and way to increase your company profile. Sweetness is associated with the feeling of pleasure and well being, so what better, than to associate this good feeling with your brand or business? Branded confectionery can come in the form of traditional classics and retro sweets, such as Personalised bags of Jelly Beans, Candy Necklaces, Liquorice Allsorts and many more, which are sure to bring customers a sense of nostalgia and ensure they associate your business with those fond memories. There are also more unusual forms of branded confectionery, such as Branded Fortune Cookies - a fun and tasty way of getting your message across.

View our full range of Retro Sweets here and please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any queries.