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9 Tuckshop Sweets you didn't know you could still buy

Not only are retro sweets a fantastic blast from the past, but you really can’t beat all the old favourites. Did you know you can still buy the likes of Flying Saucers, Black Jacks and Liquorice Allsorts?

Take a look at our brilliant range of Tuckshop Sweets here and get choosing your favourites…

Flying Saucers | Tuck Shop Sweets | Keep It SweetMini Love Hearts | Tuck Shop Sweets | Keep It Sweet

1.        Flying Saucers are an all-time favourite across the nation. A firm sweet shop favourite, these fizzy sherbet-filled rice paper flying saucers are out of this world. These are possibly the greatest sweets ever, they combine the perfectly simple taste and texture of flavoured rice paper with the zangy, explosive fruit sherbet! They melt on your tongue and we don’t know anybody that doesn’t like these, and let’s be honest what isn’t to like?! So succulently flavourful, be careful not to scoff the whole lot at one time... it’s a mistake everyone has made once in their life.

2.       Another firm favourite in the tuckshop sweets world are Fruit Salads. Unfortunately, these won’t count to your five a day, despite the name (sad face). There’s no fruit and no salad in these classic chews, just lots of mouth-watering pineapple and raspberry flavour. We’ve even got Bulk Boxes of 400 of these, perfect for feeding a lot of hungry mouths or catering for large numbers. Along with their partner in crime, Black Jacks, these will take you straight on a whistle stop tour of your schooldays.

3.       Sherbet Fountains are yet another all-time classic. This Tuckshop Sweet is truly iconic and is almost as fun to eat as it is delicious. The liquorice tastes absolutely rich and fruity and the sherbet adds a needed tang! Perfect for keeping the kids quiet on a long journey in the car or when the in-laws arrive, they taste so delicious its pretty good as a treat just for you after work too! Dee-lish!

4.       Another tuckshop sweet that is hugely enjoyable to eat is Fizz Wiz. Also known as Space Dust, a packet of strawberry flavoured Fizz Wiz promises loads of explosive fun. Remember spending your pocket money on this joyous treat after school? Or sneaking pocket-loads of the stuff into the house without your mum seeing? Available in flavours including Strawberry, Cherry and Cola, there’s an option for everyone to enjoy. Why not sprinkle a bit of this on cupcakes to add an exciting twist?

5.       Next up on our list of favourites are Bon Bons. These Tuckshop Sweets are a true classic and will never get old. With plenty of different flavours to choose from, you cannot go wrong with these simple delights. Wonderfully chewy and dusted with a thin yet sure layer of sugar, these really tasty nostalgic treats are a definitely firm favourite here in the Keep It Sweet headquarters.

6.       Candy Sticks are another traditional treat we love. Complete with the iconic box, these won’t last long once they’re open! Deliciously creamy and truly unbeatable, you really cannot beat a Candy Stick (or a few packets at once!) These are not only a favourite Tuckshop Sweet, but also a party bag essential! Why not take a look at our fantastic range of themed party bags while you’re here? Or to really top off a birthday or event, then why not throw in a few of our favourite Retro Toys? From Space Putty to Fortune Teller Fish, there’s endless amounts of old school fun to be had!

7.       Mini Love Hearts are another of the nation’s favourite treats. Mini Love Hearts are a great idea for wedding favours. Each cute pink foil packet of Mini Love Hearts is perfect to put into organza bags and wedding favour boxes.  Measuring 3.5cm by 2cm these classic, retro mini Lovehearts are childhood favourite that will get everyone reminiscing. Mini Love Hearts still have some of the same old classic love heart lines like ‘Hug Me’, ‘Love You’ as well as some newer questionable ones like ‘Email Me’! and they taste so yummy-scrummy too!!

8.       Candy Necklaces taste a bit like Mini Lovehearts, but also double up as a very fashionable accessory! Pretty in pastels and every sweet-loving fashionista’s dream. These original fruit candy necklaces, from sweet maker Swizzels Matlow, are a great gift for your sweet loved ones and are perfect for wedding favours. Or you could wear one to work – just lift from neck and place in mouth whenever you need a quick sugar fix, that’s our solution! 

9.       Fizzy Cola Bottles are last on our list, but are by no means our least favourite. We challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t love these. We even have Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles for a super sugar boost.

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