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A baby shower to remember with personalised sweets

No matter how useful the endless nappies, baby grows and socks are, finding a unique and fun baby shower gift can be difficult. Personalised sweets not only make the perfect gift, but are a great decoration to ensure a special baby shower to remember for years to come.

Put a smile on every guest’s face and add a little sweetness to your baby shower with Personalised Sweet Jars. These unique jars filled with delicious treats and goodies make the perfect table decoration for people to dig into or make a perfect gift for a parent-to-be. Our Girls Personalised Sweet Jars are crammed full of childhood favourite sweets and mouth watering delights and is complete with a pink sticker on the jar to be customised with your very own message. Or if it’s a bouncing baby boy on the way, why not decorate with one of our Boys Jars? Available in a small and a large size, it contains all your favourite retro sweets including Flumps, Fizzers and Ring Pops for endless fun. If the gender is unknown why not decorate with an assortment of each jar and place bets on what you think it will be?

A baby shower to remember with personalised sweets   A baby shower to remember with personalised sweets

Another great baby shower gift involving all things sweet is a Personalised Crate. A vintage themed wooden crate filled with traditional glass sweet jars and sweet goodies makes a beautiful gift that will not only provide the sugar fix that any new parent will need in the middle of the night but a box that can be kept for years to come along with many fond memories. Why not fill jars with a selection of blue and pink sweets such as Strawberry and Raspberry Bon Bons to create a gift that not only tastes delicious but looks great too?

One of our most popular personalised sweets is Personalised Fruit Rock. These bright and vibrant coloured fruity pieces are perfect for scattering across a table and have a personalised wrapper to make them memorable and fun to eat. These eye-catching bite-sized treats are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and will put a smile on every guest’s face at a baby shower. Bring back nostalgic memories of childhood trips to the seaside and take guests on a trip down memory lane with these tasty old-fashioned delights. Along with these delicious sugary gems, why not satisfy a sweet tooth with baby and child themed sweets such as Giant Suckers and Jelly Babies to take you back to your childhood and give the parents to be a taste of what is to come!

Another great personal gift to give at a baby shower or once the little bundle of joy has arrived is a Personalised Sign. This shabby chic wooden sign makes a beautiful addition to any table or wall and like a Personalised Crate, can be kept and treasured even after the baby shower. It could have the name of the new addition, a special meaning or even a quote to be hung in the nursery after the day itself. Give this along with some personalised sweets or some of their favourite sweets to ease their nerves before the baby arrives! If you are unsure of which sweets to choose, why not pick some of our most popular and well-known retro sweets? Bon Bons are some of the most iconic traditional sweets and were a classic childhood favourite for many of us. Choose from a wide variety of different flavours – from Lemon to Toffee, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Other popular retro sweets include Fizzy Cola Bottles, Rhubarbs and Custards and Wine Gums (that contrary to popular belief, do not contain real wine!), all of which would make a unique and fun baby shower gift.

One other form of personalised sweets is Party Bags. Choose from our huge variety of themed bags such as Retro Party Bag and Chocolate Party Bag and we can even print you personalised stickers to really wow every baby shower guest. Give them a little piece of the day to take home with them as a token of thanks and a memento of the day in the form of a bag of fizzy, fruity and mouth-watering sweets…yum!

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