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Branded confectionery, a unique way to market your business


Branded confectionery is an innovative marketing tool that will guarantee to wow clients and customers as well as promoting your business.

Customised Boiled Sweets are one of the most popular options of branded confectionery. The colour, flavour, pattern and even the centre of the sweet can be chosen by you, to suit your business and maximise the marketing impact that these delicious treats will have. For example, why not customize the sweets to match the colour schemes of your business, so next time a customer sees this colour or reaches into their pocket to find a boiled sweet they will remember your business.

Aside from being a unique and fun promotional method, branded confectionery is also cost effective and there is something to suit every business’ budget. There are many ways to use branded confectionery as a marketing tool. One of the simplest is handing sweets out to customers. Branded confectionery such as Chocolate Shapes are available to cover a wide variety of themes, including vehicles and electronics and are sure to put a smile on a customers face if they get a chocolatey treat along with their purchase!

Branded confectionery would also be perfect to attract possible clients at corporate events. Branded Jars can be filled with any sweets of your choice and look attractive, complete with your business’ branding or logo on the jar. We offer hundreds of different retro and traditional sweets, from Flying Saucers to colourful Beach Mix, there is something out there for everyone. Using sweets will ensure your business stands out from the crowd and will make a big impact, as well as being an enjoyable way to engage with customers and clients. As sensory marketing is proven to be a highly effective method, what better way to win client’s approval than through their taste buds!

So view our branded confectionery range today to ensure to leave a sweet impression on your clients and customers!