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Branded Confectionery for your business

Research has shown that taste triggers and creates memories. If 93% of all communication is non-verbal, then why not let our branded confectionery do the sweet talking for your business!

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Retro sweets are a fun way to advertise your business and to get your customer’s attention. Personalised sweets are a popular promotional product and can come in the form of a bag, a lolly, a chocolate bar and more, all branded with your business logo or a design of your choice. From boiled sweets to candy necklaces, the options are endless, or why not choose sweets that match the business colour scheme. For example, match a pink logo with strawberry bonbons or foam shrimps, perfect for ensuring people remember your business.

Or why not go one step further and really impress your clients and customers? Create branded confectionery that is completely unique and custom made for your business - allowing you to choose the shape, packaging and colour. One of the most popular branded confectionery choices is rock pieces; rock is a timeless classic boiled sweet, and can be made in almost any flavour. Rock is often associated with the seaside and is traditionally sold at the beach. Its bright colours and lettering inside the sweet make it attractive as well as tasty, perfect for pleasing your customers and ensuring they think of your business each time they eat rock in the future. We also offer fudge, toffee, chocolates and jellies that can be personalised to you and paired with one of our many packaging options. You can be sure that people will think of your business sweetly and with a smile on their face.

Another popular choice for businesses is sweet pyramids. They are packed with retro sweets such as Love Hearts, Jelly beans and Refreshers, they are a fun way to give customers a sweet treat and also look great.

In recent months we have worked with a wide variety of different businesses and will be happy to help you with any queries or special requests. So view our corporate and branded sweets range today.