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Branded confectionery: The secret to attracting business opportunities

Keep is sweet with personalised sweets

Are you looking to attract new business opportunities? If so, branded confectionery is the perfect way to ensure your business stands out from the crowd and is also a unique and effective promotional method.

Customised Boiled Sweets are an ideal way to promote your business at meetings and events. Choose the colour, flavour, pattern, shape and wrapper of these tasty treats and make them personal and unique to your business. Then simply hand them out to promote your business and ensure they think of your business or brand next time they are enjoying another delicious boiled sweet!

Anyone with a sweet tooth can sniff out sugar from a mile away! Therefore, by having sweets on a stall, in a shop or at an event, it is a guaranteed way to ensure your business gets noticed by as many people as possible. One popular form of branded confectionery are Sweet Pyramids. Choose from Jelly Beans, Jelly Bears or Mints to fill these bite-sized sugary treats and have your own artwork and logo on the packaging. These are a perfect way to attract customers or clients and are not only filled with delicious goodies, but look great too.

Maintaining good relationships with other businesses is an important part of attracting new business opportunities. However, finding suitable ways to do so can prove difficult. Bespoke Tins are a fun form of branded confectionery that would make a unique business gift or thank you present and is available in a variety of different shapes, from plain circular tins to car shaped tins. Plastic Moulds are another fun shaped type of branded sweets. From train shaped, to duck shaped, there are many different moulds to choose from, filled with delicious sweets of your choice that are sure to go down a treat!

Ordering your branded confectionary is as easy as one, two, three with our simple sales process. All you need to do is pick your sweets, we then pick and pack and finally we send your sweets out to you.


View all of our branded confectionery range online here and order your sweets today, for your secret weapon to attracting new business opportunities.