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Buy Retro Sweets Online to Save Time and Money

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to sweets. There are weird and wonderful creations being invented everyday but are they really just as good as the old school classics? Flying Saucers, Shrimps, Jelly Beans, Rhubarb and Custards are just a few of these popular retro sweets that are still available today but what about those that are not so easy to get hold of?

Foam Shrimps | Retro Sweets | Keep It SweetFlying Saucers | Retro Sweets | Keep It Sweet

Maybe you have an all time favourite sweet from your childhood that you swear by? Or maybe you need a bit of help remembering all the best retro sweets from years gone by? Here at Keep It Sweet we have one of the largest selections of retro sweets around, all of which can be bought online with the click of a button to make it even easier for you to get your hands on the best old school sweets without any hassle!

Alongside our range of retro sweets, we also have a huge range of traditional sweets that are sure to take you on a trip down memory lane and that prove that simple is best time and time again! One of the oldest sweets of all time are Aniseed Balls. These love-them-or-hate-them treats have been a popular choice for many years but recently are not so easy to find. Aniseed itself is native to the Eastern Mediterranean region and has been highly valued since ancient times. If these are one of your favourites, you will know they have a distinctive liquorice like flavour but did you also know that they have been used for medical purposes throughout history, especially as a digestive aid. The seeds are also used whole or crushed as a flavouring in various foods. Aniseed Balls are made using anise seed with a whole anise seed in the centre which give them that strong flavour that lasts. No wonder these little gems are amongst the rare retro sweets favourites that we’re sure will stick around forever!

Retro Sweets are also a brilliant way to add a unique and special sweet touch to your wedding day. Whatever your budget, here at Keep It Sweet we have everything from personalised and one-off delights to party bags filled with childhood sweets galore to impress your guests and to add the final touches to ensure your day is filled with happy moments to remember for years to come. Fruit Rock is one of the most popular options when it comes to personalised sweets and wedding treats. These bright and vibrant colourful rock pieces are individually wrapped with your name or message of your choice printed on the label and will most definitely make the perfect wedding favour for your guests. Be sure to send your guests home with a smile on their faces or spread these around the tables for a much needed sugar boost to get your guests up and dancing!

Another firm favourite which also make a fantastic wedding favour are the Perspex cubes and pyramids. Each can be filled with retro sweets of your choice, finished off with a personalised message of your choice much like Fruit Rock. Our Little Love Cube is the perfect choice for your special day and is a great (and tasty!) way to spread the love amongst your guests. Watch as all your friends and family tuck into foil wrapped chocolate hearts, tongue tingling Fizzers and deliciously fruity Mini Lovehearts - yum!

Just like the ones in the old fashioned sweet shops, alongside our fantastic range of Retro Sweets we also stock glass sweet jars in a variety of different shapes and sizes that not only contain a whole host of tasty treats, but also look stunning and are sure to trigger plenty of happy childhood memories. Why not fill a jar with someone’s favourite retro sweets to add a personal twist to your gift? Or if you are spoiled for choice, we have hundreds of old school sweets and traditional classics for you to choose from (and maybe sneak a few for yourself too!) One iconic retro sweet is Dip Dabs. These tongue-tingling sherbet delights will take you straight back to the 60s and simply can’t be beaten. We challenge anyone to try and eat one of these without covering themselves head to toe in fluffy white sherbet!

But buying Retro Sweets online aren’t just a great way to save time and money. They are also a great promotional tool for businesses and brands to use to market a product or brand in a unique and exciting way that is sure to catch the eye of potential clients and customers. Sweetness is associated with the feeling of pleasure and well being. So what’s better than to associate this good feeling with your brand or business? Our selection of Branded Sweets and Logo Sweets are the perfect sweet treat to put a smile on your customer’s faces and there sure to help you make a good impression. From Printed Biscuits to Branded Chocolate Bars, we have a huge range of Logo Sweets and customised goodies to promote and market your business with. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’ve got any queries or big ideas you’d like help with - we love talking about all things sweets!

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