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Buy sweets online for a great holiday rainy day activity for the kids

Mixture of retro sweets and childhood favourites

The holidays may be fun for the kids, but for parents it is often dreaded! Trying to keep the children entertained, especially when the weather is bad, can be challenging. Retro and traditional sweets are the perfect way to keep the kids entertained and to create a fun holiday activity for those rainy days.

Movie days are a fun way to keep the whole family entertained for at least a few hours! A Retro Classics Jar is filled to the brim with delicious sweets and classic childhood favourites. Full of goodies including Jazzies, Flumps and Funny Money, this jar provides plenty of options for the whole family to enjoy and is perfect to dig into during a film.

Or why not keep them busy with some arts and crafts? We offer a variety of different glass and plastic jars in different shapes and sizes. Let the kids get creative this holiday and decorate their own jar for Easter. Fill with retro sweets of your choice for a fun activity that can be kept for years to come. From Beach Mix to Candy Letters, there are plenty of fun and delicious sweets for kids to enjoy - just be sure they don’t eat them all at once!

Crazy Beans are just one sweet that will allow endless fun for children and adults alike. These jelly beans are all different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. Take it in turns to play the Crazy Bean lottery and see which one you get next or take a risk and mix and match. Ring Pops are also great for kids and are something that many of us remember from our own childhoods. Let your kids impress their friends with this classic school day sweet and hope that this fruity delight will keep them quiet for a bit.


Browse our collection and order your sweets online today for those rainy days and to ensure a fun holiday for you and the kids.