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Buy sweets online for the best choice!

If you are looking for sweets for a special occasion, or simply enjoy a treat to satisfy a sweet tooth every once in a while, buying sweets online is the quickest and easiest way to get your sugar fix and you’ll find the best selection too.

Avoid a mad trolley dash in the supermarket or a rainy trip to the corner shop and order your sweet treats online. Sit on your sofa in the comfort of your own home and browse our huge variety of retro and traditional sweets in peace - no rushing people around you and no struggling to push a lopsided shopping trolley with a broken wheel. With a few clicks of a button your delicious goodies will be on their way, simply sit back and wait for them to arrive!

 Not only is buying sweets online hassle-free, but there is a much wider choice and a vaster range of options to ensure there is something for everyone. From Jellies and Gums to tongue-tingling Sour sweets, we have hundreds of different sweets to choose from, whether you have a classic favourite you always stick to or like to mix it up each time. If Rhubarb and Custards aren’t your thing, then why not try Rainbow Drops? We can guarantee there is something for you. Along with the huge choice available online, buying sweets over the internet also allows you to choose your sweets in peace. Take your time without having to worry about the angry shopper behind you and enjoy a sugary treat that wasn’t picked by accident in a mad rush to the checkout before the shop closes.

Some of our most popular sweets are traditional classics from the good old days which prove that simpler is better and in this case, less really is more! Aniseed Balls are one of the most distinctive flavoured sweets around and are also one of the oldest. They are made with Anise, one of the oldest known seeds in the world, which was reportedly hung by the Ancient Romans next to their pillows to prevent bad dreams and was thrown over the bride at a wedding to bring good fortune. Aniseed Balls to this day are still a highly popular sweet that is loved by many, so order your fix online today to bring nostalgic memories flooding back.

Aniseed Balls | Keep It SweetFizz Wiz Popping Candy | Keep It Sweet

 However, we offer sweets from the oldest and most traditional to the more modern, wild and wacky! From eye-watering Toxic Waste to zingy Cream Soda sherbet, we have something to suit everyone’s taste. Fizz Wiz Popping Candy is one of our craziest, yet most popular Retro Sweets that promises lots of explosive fun. Also known as Space Dust, Popping Candy is made by allowing the melted mixture of ingredients to come in contact with pressurised carbon dioxide gas, causing small bubbles of the gas to be caught in the confectionery as it cools. Then, when the delicious crystals come in contact with moisture in your mouth, it makes the immensely satisfying popping and cracking sounds. Popping Candy was first created by mistake but has since become a childhood favourite sweet that is available in a variety of flavours include Cherry, Cola and Strawberry – is your mouth watering yet!?

Not only is buying sweets online hassle-free, but it is much simpler than desperately trying to scan the shelves looking for what you want. Our sweets are categorised into the decades in which they were created or were most popular, as well as the different sweet types, to make your sweet-buying experience as simple as it can be. For example, one of our categories is 1980s sweets. As like much of the 80’s, the sweets were just as crazy and included many of the most popular retro sweets to date. Some of the most iconic sweets from the decade include Black Jacks, Parma Violets and Foam Bananas. Why not treat an 80’s child to a memory of their childhood with some Happy Tattoo bubblegum? Or treat yourself to some minty Poppets after a long day? Beware though, once the packet is opened these are almost impossible not to eat all at once!

View our full range of sweets here and start making the tricky decision of what tasty treats to pick!