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Buy Sweets Online For The Biggest Selection

Feet up, TV on, with a cuppa by your side. Is this not the perfect time to buy your favourite Fizzy Dummies and tangy Tooty Frooties?! Purchase some of the huge range we have here at Keep It Sweet with absolute ease and have a listen to why you should choose to buy online today!


Terror Tub | Keep It SweetTooty Frooty | Keep It Sweet


Do you want to be part of the average British population that spends almost six months of their life simply queuing? Course you don’t! Time is one thing we all must cherish and shopping around in supermarkets in certainty not as pleasurable as tucking into gummy Gumballs and juicy Jelly Babies! Saving time is a giant reason for why you should shop online! Not only this, but you can also massively increase your choice from the variety of delicious and succulent treats by buying online. Do your sweets shop not always hold your favourite Sugar Mice from when you were a kid? Not a problem! Buying online will make sure you can always stock them under your bed for a cheeky midnight snack. With everything from the nation’s all-time favourites to the hidden gems of the sweet world, online is the place to be!

Tired of the stress that weddings and parties bring? Attach it to a flying saucer and watch your troubles float away when you buy online with Keep It Sweet! With a quick click we’ll take care of everything, so you can finally enjoy the day or night you deserve! We can even arrange gift wrapping to save you even more hassle when gift shopping. From Football to Retro Party Bags, we have everything to accommodate your celebrations. Why not try the super sweet and superbly sour party bag? This exciting and fun bag is filled with mouth-watering treats. Watch out you don't dribble everywhere! This bag of sweet and sour sweets should come with a warning!

Wish you could make your own party bag by choosing the colour of the bag, the sticker and by choosing from hundreds of retro sweets? Well you can! Order sweets online from us allows you to personalise your Sweets. Why not make your own Personalised Sweet Jar filled with all of their favourite retro sweets? Sherbet Fountains, Black Jacks or Popping Candy?! With over hundreds of sweets to choose from, the options are endless and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We can even help brand your business here at Keep It Sweet! Promotional & Branded Sweets can make for highly effective marketing tools, whether you’re using them as giveaways at a trade event, as a thankyou token to loyal customers, or as an incentive to acquire new customers and clients. Branded confectionery can come in the form of traditional classics and retro sweets, such as Personalised bags of Jelly Beans, Candy Necklaces, Liquorice Allsorts and many more, which are sure to bring customers a sense of nostalgia and ensure they associate your business with those fond memories.

My personal favourites have to be those Dazzling Dip Dabs! Dipping or Dabbing that sublime strawberry lolly into the eye-opening sherbet is definitely the highlight of my day. I make sure I’ve always got them stocked in bulk under the bed for that rush! That’s another reason why buying online is so beneficial. It’s also a great way to save money or to cater for large numbers of people, so there’s no excuses for that big barbecue now!

Birthdays creep around the corner every week and buying your friends presents can become such a chore! Well ordering Sweets Online is perfect for those last-minute gifts and will save you a whole lot of stress. We have plenty of different gifts and sweets available and you can buy all our sweets online for the perfect easy, but unique and thoughtful gift. We have everything from Terror Tubs to Love themed Jars that are perfect for every occasion and are sure to put a smile on somebody’s face. Even our retro Sweets are the perfect gift for sweet-toothed pals and are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories to help someone celebrate every occasion. With both standard and next day delivery available your gifts can be on your doorstep in as little as 1 working day.

View our full range of online sweets here and please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any sweet related ideas, issues or questions - a member of our team will be happy to help!