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Buy Sweets Online for the Largest & Best Selections

There is no denying that internet shopping is a great invention. It means that you never have to battle through hoards of high street shoppers, haul a heavy basket or manoeuvre your trolley through a busy aisle ever again. Here at Keep It Sweet we offer hundreds of different retro and traditional sweets for you to choose from, all of which can be bought from the comfort of your own sofa and can suit every budget. What’s not to love?!...

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Retro Sweets are the perfect gift for sweet-toothed pals and are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories to help someone celebrate every occasion. We have plenty of different gifts and sweets available and you can buy all our sweets online for the perfect easy, but unique and thoughtful gift. One of our most popular gift options are our Personalised Sweet Jars. We have everything from Spooky Jars to Christmas themed Jars that are perfect for every occasion and are sure to put a smile on somebody’s face. Our Love Personalised Sweet Jar, for example, is available in both sizes small and large and is the perfect nostalgic gift to take somebody on a trip down memory lane and to show them how much you care. Filled to the brim with retro and love themed sweets including Wham Bars, Loveheart Dips and Heart Lollies, you can’t go wrong with this personal gift.

Or maybe you are looking for something last minute? Don’t worry we have you covered! Take a look at our non-personalised Sweet Jars and our other sweet jars you can buy online for a quick gift that can be delivered in as little as 1 day. Our British Jar is full of patriotic themed delights and goodies including Highland Toffee, Strawberries and Creams and colourful Union Jack Rock. In sizes up to a whopping 3 litres, this is the perfect gift for a major sugar fanatic or would be perfect to have around the house to impress guests.

Along with sweet jars we have plenty of other options if you are looking to buy sweets online. Why not take a look at our fantastic range of party bags for example? From sweet-filled party bags for the kids, to retro favours or themed party bags for the adults, we offer everything, including a Personalised Party Bag Service to help you create a party or event to remember. Our classic Retro Party Bag is one of our most popular options and is suitable for all occasions. Filled with all your favourite childhood sweets and old school classics, this bumper bag of treats is a must have addition to your party that is guaranteed to send your guests home with plenty of happy memories and a smile on their face. We also offer everything from Sweet and Sour Bags to Casino themed Party Bags so there is plenty of choice for you to create the perfect party.

We also offer a range of bulk sweets that are available to buy online. Buying sweets in bulk is the perfect way to keep stocked up with all your favourite sweet treats or is a great way to save money if you are catering for larger numbers of people. We have everything from Black Jacks to Fried Eggs available to buy in bulk so there is plenty of choice to get your taste buds tingling! One of our personal favourites is Flying Saucers. These bright and colourful sweets are one of the most popular retro sweets of all time and will simply never go out of fashion. Filled with delicious mouth-wateringly tangy sherbet, these sweets are the perfect sugar fix for on the go or would look great displayed in one of our glass or plastic sweet jars for around the house or a party or event.

Along with a fantastic range of retro sweets available to buy online, we also have a range of old-school retro toys that are sure to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. From Spud Guns to Flying Gliders, our retro toys are the perfect party bag addition to keep the kids (and adults!) occupied as well as being cheap and affordable. Bouncing Putty is an all time classic favourite - trade colours with your friends, see who can bounce it the highest or create all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes with this fun filled toy.

We are also one of the UK’s leading providers for corporate sweets and we have plenty of options for brands and businesses to buy sweets online. Not only are branded and promotional sweets a great way to impress customers and clients, but they will also ensure that your brand sticks in their mind and creates a great lasting impression of only good things! Chocolate Nets are a very popular option of branded sweets for corporate events and giveaways. And what’s more, you can fully customise everything from the net colour to the sweets inside to create a truly unique product just for you. Chocolate Nets are perfect for our wrapped sweets selection including Chocolate Coins and Chocolate Balls, but they also work great with our other sweets as well, including Assorted Fudge and Boiled Sweets.

Or maybe you are looking for a great sweet incentive for your staff? If so, we have plenty of fantastic options that can sent straight to the office for minimal hassle and plenty of happy faces once they arrive. Our Branded Chocolate Bars are a great way to get your message across and to show your staff some appreciation - choose the design, logo, message and colour and you could have some fantastic sweet incentives from as little as £1.09 per bar.

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