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Buy traditional sweets online for the perfect retirement gift

Reaching the end of your working life is a momentous occasion. So finding a gift suitable for a friend or colleague who is retiring is often tricky. Traditional sweets make the perfect gift and will bring back many fond memories of childhood and working days - guaranteed to bring a little sweetness into their life as they move onto a new chapter.

Leaving the workplace means a whole change of routine, including no more office biscuits! Ensure that your colleague is not left craving the office goodies with a Retro Tuckshop Box. This bumper collection of sweets galore will satisfy a sweet tooth for months! Filled with traditional sweets and treats including Giant Flumps, Rainbow Drops, Poppets and much more, this box of mouth-watering delights is a perfect way to put a smile on someone’s face and keep their retirement sweet. And to make this gift even greater, everything is packed into one of our special bubble gift boxes.

However long anyone has been working, many things will have changed along the way. Why not create a gift full of traditional sweets from the past for a gift full of nostalgia? To make this even easier for you we have categorised all of our delicious sweets into the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on. Simply pick a few tasty treats from a certain decade, or multiple decades to create a fun and delicious blast from the past! Sugar Mice are popular sweets from the 80’s that are traditionally bought around the Christmas season, but taste just as good all year round. These cute looking sweets are available in a variety of different colours and flavours and have a unique, fudge-like and crumbly texture. These super scrummy delights will make a perfect gift, or an extra gift, for retirement and are sure to bring back many great memories.

So if you are looking for a retirement gift, have a look at our website today to see our full range of traditional sweets for the perfect present.