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Buy Your Sweets In Bulk And Never Run Out

Do you find yourself running out of your favourite sweet’s way too often? Or maybe you’re hosting a large party or event and are looking for an extra special touch? If so, bulk sweets are the perfect way to save money and satisfy a sweet tooth for longer! Here at Keep It Sweet we stock a large selection of our favourite sweet treats in bulk quantities so there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy…

Bulk Double Lolly | Keep It SweetBulk Flying Saucers | Keep It Sweet

One of our favourite retro sweets of all time is a good old Sherbet Fountain. The joys of dipping the delicious liquorice before covering yourself head to toe in tongue-tingling tangy sherbet will never get old! And now you can enjoy Sherbet Fountains for months on end as they are part of our bulk sweets range. Working out at less than 50p per sweet, this is a fantastic way to save money and to avoid the hassle of the shops to stock up on your go-to treats. What’s stopping you?

Maybe you are a fan of traditional sweets and childhood classics? If so, our range of Bulk Sweets is the perfect way to re-live happy days gone by and will take you on a trip down memory lane in a way like no other. Black Jacks are one of the many penny sweets that many of us remember from our school days. Whether you love them or hate them, these aniseed flavoured chews are one of the most iconic sweets of all time. Our bulk boxes contain 400 chews for you to reminisce over with friends or family (or to devour all to yourself!) - just be sure not to eat them all at once, or you may find your tongue stays a very peculiar shade of black!

Jelly Beans are another of the bulk sweets that we have to offer. Jelly Beans are one of the oldest sweets around, yet their origin is a bit of a mystery. It is thought that these fruity treats are a combination of the soft, chewy Turkish Delight and the hard shell of Jordan Almonds. These sugary goodies were once sent to Union fighters in the Civil War to keep their spirits high and have since become so popular that there is even a National Jelly Bean Day (22nd April - if you were wondering!) Our Jelly Bean Bulk Bag contains a whopping 3kg of these worldwide iconic treats that is sure to satisfy a sugar craving for a long time! Or why not display them in one of our beautiful Glass or Plastic Sweet Jars for a unique and colourful addition to a party or event? We even stock scoops and paper bags to create an authentic sweet shop feel for your guests. What better way to be ‘the hostess with the mostess’ than with the nation’s favourite sweets?!

Bulk Sweets are also a fantastic option if you are planning a wedding. Not only is it a great way to save some pennies, but retro sweets are a great way to keep your guests happy throughout the day and to get them on the dance floor! Flying Saucers are one of the most popular retro sweets of all time and are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Not only do these sherbet-filled treats taste truly scrumptious, but they are also a fun splash of colour to add to your table decorations and to brighten up a place setting. Why not display these fun sweets in one of our beautiful bobble-topped glass sweet jars for a truly stunning addition to your special day? There are also plenty of fun ways to decorate glass sweet jars to add a personal touch - why not match a ribbon around the lid to your wedding colour scheme?

Promotional sweets and branded confectionery come in many forms including branded bags of sweets, sweet tins, bespoke chocolate coins and many more. Personalised Rock is a popular method of promoting a business or event and a great eye-catching product with their bright colours and delicious fruity flavours. Choose from a minimum of 200 sweets to over 5000 sweets, depending on budget and size, to suit any occasion or need. Boiled Sweets are another popular form of branded confectionery. From only 5p per sweet, based on an order of 5000 sweets, they are a perfect cost-effective way to promote your business, also allowing you to choose the shape, flavour, colour and even the centre of the sweets.


View our full range of bulk sweets here  and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’ve got any particular requests – a member of our friendly sweet experts will be more than happy to help!