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Buying all your Traditional sweets online can save you time and money

Buying all your traditional sweets online means no sitting in traffic, battling through the crowds of other shoppers and then hoping the shop has your favourite sugary treats. Ordering online is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get your sugar fix and with hundreds of different traditional sweets to choose from, there is something for everyone to dig into.

The 1970s were the time for all things bright and colourful - including the sweets! Popular 1970s sweets range from brightly coloured Crazy Beans to the super sweet Sugar Mice. Take a step back in time and try out traditional sweets from the past for a great sense of nostalgia or simply to try something new. Some of the craziest sweets of the 70s include Lottery Loot Edible Paper - it sounds strange but tastes surprisingly good! Pop the bright flavoured paper into your mouth and wait for it to dissolve onto your tongue for a unique sensation like no other. This would also be great for themed parties or to keep the kids amused for a while.

To ensure you never have to go without your sugar fix, ordering traditional sweets online is a great way to be certain that you always have a stash of sweet treats in the house. Sweet Jars are perfect for the whole family to dig into and there are plenty of different ones to choose from depending on what you fancy. For example, the British Jar is jam packed with traditional goodies including Rosey Apples, Curly Wurlys and Mini Haribo Mix that will guarantee you don’t go hungry for months!

Buying sweets online is also ideal for events such as Father’s Day. If you don’t have time to browse the high street for your old man (or have forgotten and need a last minute gift) then buying your traditional sweets online is a perfect option! Order them their favourite retro sweets or treat him to one of our delicious gift sets, such as a Chocolate Pint Kit to show him just how much you care.

View our full range of retro and traditional sweets online here and order online today.