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Buying traditional sweets online for grandparents

Many grandparents tell fond stories of the days of penny sweets and what their favourite traditional sweets were as a child. So why not give them a gift of nostalgia and take them on a trip down memory lane with some of the many traditional sweets there are to choose from.

Butterscotch boiled sweets are a classic childhood favourite and their rich, creamy flavour makes them hard to stop eating! Butterscotch - a mix of mainly sugar and butter - was first used as an ice cream topping before it was made into a sweet in the 19th century. These delicious sweet treats would make a perfect gift or token of love and thanks for grandparents to keep a sweet tooth satisfied and make a perfect sugar fix for on the go.

Traditional sweets would also make a perfect gift if you live far away from your grandparents, as when you order them online, they can be delivered straight to their door! Another famous traditional sweet is Parma Violets. Like Marmite, you either love them or really hate them! These brightly coloured sweets are violet scented and are packed into a small tube, meaning they are a perfect handbag sweet for on the go. Many people have memories of their granny offering them a Mint Imperial or maybe some Fudge - wherever they were, they always seemed to have a sugary treat on them! So why not send them some of their favourite traditional sweets to ensure they are stocked up and give them a taste of the past?

A Retro Sweets Jar would make a great gift that will also keep the Grandchildren occupied. Our British Jar contains the best of all British classics including Rhubarb and Custards, Cola Cubes and many more, a perfect mix of traditional favourites and some modern sweets for the whole family to dig into and enjoy.

And with Valentine’s Day coming up, why not treat your Grandparents and people you love with some delicious traditional sweets? Strawberry Cremes are yummy milk chocolates filled with a soft, creamy strawberry centre - perfect as a gift or for sharing, they are guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

There are hundreds of different delicious sweets to choose from online, so view our traditional sweets range today.