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Buying traditional sweets online - The modern way for retro enjoyment!

traditional sweets

Traditional sweets and old fashioned sweets always bring back memories of the old sweet shop on the corner and childhood days. Whether you would save up your pocket money for penny sweets or were given them to keep you quiet at home, traditional sweets are guaranteed to make you smile and will bring you a great sense of nostalgia for modern, yet retro enjoyment! Now you can recreate those nostalgic memories by buying traditional sweets online.

There are always sweets being made with new flavours, shapes and weird and wacky textures, but classic hard boiled sweets are always best. Rhubarb and Custards are one of the most popular traditional sweets and are based on the popular rhubarb and vanilla custard dessert. Rosey Apples are another delicious hard-boiled sweet that have a tongue-tingling sharp twist that is sure to put a smile on your face. These brightly coloured round apple flavoured sweets are perfect to dig into in front of the TV, or to dig into on a long journey.

Another popular traditional sweet to enlighten your taste buds is Rum Fudge. Fudge was said to be first created in the 19th century by accident, when a batch of caramels went wrong and created the deliciously sweet treat that is still a favourite today. Rum Fudge is a unique twist on the original fudge flavour that would make a great gift for your old man! There are also some traditional sweets that you just have to try to see if you love them or hate them. Turkish Delights are perfumed jellies encased with a milk chocolate shell and is unlike any other sweet. First made as a royal delicacy in Istanbul, they are one of the classic traditional sweets that you simply must try at some time in your life.

One of the things that makes many traditional sweets online so appealing and enjoyable to eat is the fun shapes that they are in. For example, Candy Watches are perfect for keeping you looking stylish and in case you get peckish! Other delicious and wacky shaped sweets include Cherry Lips, Pink Porkers and even Fish and Chips in sweet form! Delicious!

View our full range of traditional sweets online and choose your favourites for some classic retro enjoyment.