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Celebrate your milestone Birthday with memorable retro sweets.

Different Sweets


Are you or your loved one celebrating a milestone Birthday? Why not take a trip down memory lane with your favourite retro sweets.

If you are celebrating your 50th or 60th Birthday, there are many fantastic old fashioned sweets from the 1960s that will take you right back to your childhood. Remember your tongue going black from eating too many Black Jacks? Or how you would read the inscription on every Love Heart before eating them? These are just two examples of the many amazing traditional sweets from the 1960’s that will have both you and your party guests reliving some wonderful childhood memories.

Not a 1960s child but celebrating another milestone Birthday? Don’t worry. There are many amazing traditional sweets from other eras that will be perfect for your celebration. Maybe you are celebrating your 21st Birthday? Let’s take a look back at some of the wonderful old fashioned sweets from the 1990s. For example: Jelly Rings. Remember placing them on your fingers before eating them one by one? Or eating all the sherbet out of a Sherbet Fountain but leaving the Liquorice? Again these are just a couple of the many amazing examples of nostalgic sweets that will make your Birthday just that little bit more special.

If you are stuck for ideas for your celebration where retro sweets are concerned, retro sweet jars make the perfect table centre piece filled with Refresher bars, Jazzies, Candy Necklaces, Love Hearts and many more fantastic old fashioned sweets. Once opened, they will most definitely leave your party guests feeling nostalgic, taking them back to their childhood and no doubt they will be gone in no time.

If not the sweet jars, maybe give your guests a retro party bag filled with Flying Saucers, Candy Shrimps, Candy Bananas, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads and many more wonderful retro sweets. Letting your party guests take the nostalgia home with them.

Whichever era you were born, there are many amazing retro sweets that will make your Birthday celebration one to remember. Wonderful, old fashioned sweets will take both you and your party guests down memory lane.