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Child of the 80’s? Check out our favourite 80’s Retro sweets.

Many of the most popular retro sweets originated in the 80’s. From Fizz Wiz to Fruit Salads, there are hundreds of different 80’s classics that are still popular today. Take a step back into your childhood or try something new with 80’s sweets that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The 80’s was a time for bright colours; brightly coloured clothes, brightly coloured shoes…and brightly coloured sweets! As a child there is nothing more exciting than a sweet that turns your tongue a different colour or a sweet too bright to be true. Blueberries are probably some of the brightest retro sweets you can get and some of the most delicious! These soft fruity jellies covered in crunchy blue balls are simply irresistible and will turn your tongue a fun shade of blue. Gumballs are another colourful sweet from the 80s. Add a handful of these to a party bag or to munch whilst out and about for a brilliant sense of nostalgia.

80’s retro sweets are also popular for the unique shapes they come in. Milk Teeth are delicious milk flavoured chew sweets in the shape of teeth! Before eating it is customary that you pretend they are your real teeth before happily gobbling them up in front of your friends. Jelly Rings are another retro classic. Everyone has pretended to propose or tried to wear one of these on every finger without eating them as a child and they are just as fun and tasty no matter how old you are. From Giant Blue Bottles to Jelly Lager Bottles there are many other fun shaped 80’s sweets to choose from that are equally fun to eat as they are delicious!

One of our all time favourite retro sweets from the 80s is Nut Brittle. Peanut Brittle was supposedly created by accident in America and dates back as far as 1892. This unique mix of sweet and salty is hard to stop eating and is the perfect snack to take you back to your childhood.

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