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Choosing the right retro sweets for your party

Are you or someone you know planning a party? Can’t decide which retro sweets to pick? Choosing the right sweets will ensure your party is memorable for you and your guests.

From Bon Bons to Jelly Snakes, there are so many different retro sweets to choose from that you may feel overwhelmed. If you are feeling too spoiled for choice, retro sweet jars are a great way to provide variety, packed with sweet treats that will give your party guests a trip down memory lane and satisfy a sweet tooth!

Or why not let your guests take a piece of the party home with them? Retro party bags filled with Love Hearts, Refreshers, Popping Candy and more are certain to be a hit with friends and family and are a fun way to share the party spirit and spread a little sweetness into their lives. Whatever the celebration, we offer a party bag for the occasion. Why not hand out a themed children’s party bag? crammed with fun lollipops, candy necklaces and also classic toys, such as bubbles or stickers that will send every child (or adult) home with a smile on their face.

Retro sweets are also perfect for birthdays; from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, they are a unique way to celebrate a milestone birthday and bring a sense of reminiscence for you and your guests to enjoy. If you want to remember childhood memories or simply try a treat from the past, sweets from each era will keep your guests happy, whether they are loose for your party guests to pick and choose from or in the form of a ready-made party bag.

Maybe you’re throwing a themed party? Christmas is coming! Spread the festive spirit through a Christmas Tuckshop Box containing masses of Christmas classics and retro favourites, including candy canes and chocolate coins. Or add a finishing touch to your Christmas decorations with a Christmas jar, perfect as a table decoration that looks and tastes too good to resist!

However you choose to include them, retro sweets are sure to make your party a celebration to remember. So if you’re interested, view our retro sweets range or party bag selection today.