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Christmas Sweets: The Perfect Gift For Somebody With Everything

Some of our favourite stocking fillers are all of the unique and wacky Christmas Sweets we offer. Milk Chocolate Brussel Sprouts are just one of the hilarious, yet delicious options to choose from. You can also tuck into yummy cookies and cream flavoured Jelly Gingerbread Men, dig your teeth into a Christmas Mallow Lolly or treat your friends and family to some fruity Snowman Rock. What are you waiting for!?

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect little gift for friends, neighbours or for the dreaded Secret Santa. Retro Favours are the perfect sugar filled option that everyone is sure to enjoy and appreciate. Available in sizes small and large, these heat-sealed bags are filled with iconic childhood favourites including Black Jacks, Fizzy Cola Bottles and Parma Violets that make the perfect winter treat and won’t break the bank. Or if you are looking for something a bit more, our Retro Classics Jar is the perfect gift for sweet-toothed friends that is filled with plenty of nostalgic treats. Not only is this jar great for Christmas, but it is also perfect for all other occasions and you can even choose a personalised option and add your very own message for an extra special touch.

Retro Jar | Keep It SweetFizz Balls Watermelon | Keep It Sweet

Another sweet gift that is perfect for any sweet-toothed family or friends or is great for treating your colleagues is our Christmas Sweet Hamper. This bumper sized solid wicker-print box contains over 30 different types of scrumptious retro sweets and Christmas delights including Haribo, Chewits and Flying Saucers, to name just a few. It is sure to cure a sweet craving for months to come and provides plenty of choice for any fussy eaters out there, as well as allowing people to try something new and tickle their taste buds! This is guaranteed to spread the Christmas spirit amongst the office and even all the ‘bah-humbugs’ out there won’t be able to resist!

As well as larger sweet gifts, we also have a range of bite-sized treats and stocking fillers that are much more exciting that an orange or lump of coal! From fabulously festive Candy Canes to melt-in-your-mouth Milk Chocolate Christmas Puddings, we have a huge variety of sweets and treats to take everyone’s fancy. Chocolate Coins are one of the most iconic Christmas sweets there are and have been around as long as anyone can remember. The giving of Chocolate Coins at Christmas was thought to have been started by Saint Nicholas. He was said to be incredibly shy and wanted to give money to poor children without them knowing, so he climbed onto a roof and threw a purse of coins down the chimney, which landed in a pair of stockings that had been hung up to dry. We’re not saying you have to climb onto a roof to show your appreciation and spread the Christmas spirit, but we are sure that Chocolate Coins are the perfect sweet treat this Christmas!

We also have plenty of sweet gifts to give to colleagues or a large group of people. Our miniature Retro Jars contain a whole host of retro classics and old-school favourites, from fruity Drumstick Lollies to deliciously creamy Butterscotch. Treat your colleagues or neighbours to these nostalgic sweet gifts to show your appreciation and brighten up somebody’s day. Why not decorate the bobble-topped jars with Christmas Ribbon or even get creative with some glass paints to add even more Christmas spirit to your gift?

And it’s not just Christmas gifts that we offer; sweet gifts are also perfect for everything from anniversaries to thank you gifts and can be ordered online with the click of a button to avoid all the high street hassle. Our boys’ and girls’ retro jars are ideal gifts for kids on their birthdays and contain a huge range of fun treats including Candy Whistles, Candy Necklaces and (of course!) Fizzy Cola Bottles. Or for a more sophisticated gift for the adults we also have Candy Crates, Personalised Wooden Boxes and plenty of different themed sweet jars to fill them with nostalgia and take somebody on a trip down memory lane to their childhood. From traditional penny sweets to their old favourites from the sweet shop on the corner, treat somebody to a classic sugary treat or retro gift and guarantee to put a big smile on their face.

View our full range of Christmas Sweets here and don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our friendly team for more great sweet advice or if you have any questions!