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Classic Retro Sweets That You Thought Were Discontinued

Remember the days spent deciding between raspberry and chocolate Bon Bons? Remember saving up your pocket money to indulge in some tangy Flying Saucers after school? Well these memories won’t be in the past for much longer, as here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge range of classic retro sweets that you thought were discontinued but have made a much longed for comeback! Be prepared to feel nostalgic…

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When you think of retro sweets what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it’s all about penny sweets. Sadly, penny sweets are no longer around, but we have plenty of affordable and truly scrumptious sweets and treats to allow you to relive all those happy childhood memories. One of our favourites is Candy Necklaces. These pretty pastel delights are every sweet-toothed fashionista’s dream! These original fruity treats are the perfect gift for a childhood pal or are a great dance floor accessory to keep the energy levels high at a party or wedding. Another popular retro sweet is Foam Bananas. These banana milkshake tasting treats never disappoint and have been around as long as we can remember. You can even buy a bulk bag of these fruity sweets if you love them enough!

We also categorise all of our retro sweets into the decades they originated from to make it even easier for you to find all of your favourite treats from the past. Take the 80’s for example…the decade of perms and neon clothing was also a very popular time for retro sweets and there were plenty of wacky sweets created that have been firm favourites ever since. Candy Whistles were just one of the fun and exciting 80s sweets and are great fun for both children and adults to enjoy. Or why not dig into some Lottery Loot Edible Paper? Although edible paper has been around a while, it never fails to blow our minds! It may sound weird, but this childhood favourite is a must try if you haven’t before, there is nothing more satisfying that devouring a delicious £5 note!

If you can’t decide which retro sweets to pick, why not take a look at our Retro Sweets Jars? Our ever popular Retro Classics Jar is available in 3 different sizes to suit every budget and is full of an assorted selection of our most popular retro sweets. Remember heading to the newsagents after school, the sign on the shop door saying only three school children allowed in at a time? And then having a mad dash afterwards to catch the bus? This jar is sure to bring back these memories and will take you on a fantastic nostalgic trip down memory lane in a way that no modern day sweets can. Make your tongue tingle with crazy Fizz Wizz Popping Candy, dare to try a controversial Parma Violet and get stuck into some fruity Chewits - this ultimate sweet jar is also the perfect gift for any sweet lover.

Other gifts involving retro sweets include our range of personalised and themed sweet jars. Choose from Spooky Jars to Love themed Jars and add your own text or message that we will print on the label for a unique and memorable gift that is perfect for any sweet-toothed friends or family or is a great present for the annoying person who has everything! We also have a range of sweet gifts which you can view here, including our legendary Retro Tuckshop Box. Do you know a group of people or a family that LOVE sweets? If so this box is the perfect gift containing retro sweets to please even the fussiest of people and that also looks great. We can even arrange gift wrapping to save you even more hassle when gift shopping.

We also organise our retro sweets range into type and flavour to make it super easy to find all your favourites. Are you a fan of fizzy sweets? If so, we have a large range of tongue-tingling delights that are sure to have your eyes watering and can even be delivered the day after you order them. Some of the most popular include Fizz Balls, Fizzy Belts and Fizzy Fish - if that thought isn’t making your mouth water then I don’t know what will!

Or maybe you love coconut flavoured retro sweets? Toasted Teacakes are one of the most popular coconut flavoured treats around and are ideal for sharing over the summer or to enjoy along with a traditional British cup of tea. We also stock Coconut Mushrooms and Coconut Logs for the perfect mix of chocolate, marshmallow and coconut. Yum! Or why not tuck into some Coconut Ice this summer? This delicate and crumbly treat is a retro sweet shop classic and is a true nostalgic favourite that is sure to give you a blast from the past.

Retro Sweets are also the perfect addition to weddings and parties. Our Retro Sweet Bowl is the perfect party centre piece to impress your guests and add a fantastic splash of colour to any event. Filled with over 25 different types of popular retro sweets this bowl is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and is sure to give them a great surprise once they see that their favourite childhood sweets are back once again! From Wham Bars to Push Pops, you won’t be disappointed with this fabulous selection.

View our full range of retro sweets from the past here and don’t hesitate to get in contact to find out more.