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Corporate event? See how branded confectionery can really make a statement

‘Sensory marketing’ is fast becoming recognised as one of the most effective advertising methods. The first time we taste or smell something new, we subconsciously connect this scent to an item or person and after that the scent or taste will trigger this memory each time you experience it again. This is why branded confectionery is an extremely effective marketing tool and are guaranteed to make your brand or event memorable for clients and customers.

Personalised sweets come in many forms including Lollies, Rock and branded Chocolate bars. Personalised bags of sweets are one of our most popular choices for promotions - there is lots of flexibility available and the bags could be filled with some of our most popular retro sweets or with sweets to suit your business theme or colour scheme. For example Candy Letters for the Journalism sector or Chocolate Tools for the building or construction sector would ensure that branded confectionery would make an extra big impact at your corporate event.

Customised sweets are also a great way to attract clients with a sweet treat. From branded boiled sweets to customised Jellies, they are a unique and fun way to advertise subtly, yet still make a big impact. Chocolate Coins are a widely effective way to promote a brand or message at a corporate event as almost everyone has come into contact with these delicious Chocolaty treats at some point, most often at Christmas. However, by associating your brand with these well known sweets, you can ensure that chocolate coins are also linked to your company. Chocolate coins would also be great for the Banking Industry to add that extra fun twist.

Branded confectionery can be adapted and made in a huge range of different forms, colours and flavours that will guarantee to attract clients and make your brand stand out at a corporate event. If you have an idea for a corporate promotion involving sweets then don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss what we can do to create a great sweet promotion for you. View our corporate sweets range today to see what we have to offer.