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Creating a sweet jar centrepiece with retro sweets

Keep it sweet, sweet jar

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A sweet jar centrepiece is a great way to make any event or party extra special and what better way to impress guests that with a centrepiece filled with delicious retro sweets? With hundreds of different retro sweets to choose from and a selection of ready-made sweet centrepieces, order yours online to ensure to put a smile on every guest’s face.

Sweet Bars are the perfect way to treat your guests and ensure any party is one to remember. Presented in glass jars, a sweet bar centrepiece looks almost too good to eat and will bring a sense of nostalgia of childhood sweetshop visits for your guests. Here at Keep It Sweet we offer Sweet Bar packages containing a selection of our most popular retro sweets. Our sweet bars are available in a variety of sizes to suit every event and budget and even come with tongs, scoops and paper bags to create an extra special traditional feel for your centrepiece. Or why not make your own sweet bar centrepiece to make it even more special? Simply choose your favourite retro sweets or sweets to suit your party theme and place in jars for a quick and easy way to wow your guests.

If you are unsure which retro sweets to choose, a Retro Sweet Bowl is the ideal option for a unique centrepiece that will provide something for everyone to enjoy. Containing traditional retro favourites including Flumps, Refreshers and Candy Necklaces, this sugary centrepiece is sure to satisfy both children and adults alike!

You could even use a combination of products having a sweet bowl on each table and a larger sweet bar display so guests can go to the sweet bar for refills!

Or maybe you are just looking for a tasty centrepiece for the dinner table? If so, why not make your own Retro Sweet Jar with some of your favourite retro sweets? Or if you can’t decide your favourites, one of our Retro Sweet Jars contains a variety of popular retro and traditional sweets that will be perfect for the family to dig into after dinner!

View our full retro sweets collection online here and start creating your tasty centrepiece.