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Creating Sweet Jars for Prizes

Whether it be for guessing how many sweets are in the jar or a good old fashioned raffle, sweet jars make the perfect prizes for fetes, fairs and parties.

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‘Guess how many sweets are in the sweet jar’ is one of the most iconic and popular games at school fetes and country fairs. Some people have tactics and some people just go with a lucky guess - whatever your approach, it’s the sweets inside that really count! Our range of glass and plastic jars are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit every event and every budget and are perfect for filling with delicious treats. Brightly coloured sweets such as Raspberry Bon Bons and Flying Saucers are the perfect sweets for this game and are sure to attract people over to your stall or event. Simply add stickers or tie a ribbon around the top to make a mouth-watering prize - just make sure you remember how many are in the jar!

Another classic game involving sweet jars is a tombola. Put a twist on the traditional bottle tombola and use something more child friendly and much more delicious -sweets! Our variety of plastic sweet jars would be the perfect fun addition to any event and won’t break the bank. Choose a variety of sizes and fill each one with different sweets to make great eye-catching prizes that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth. One idea of a great sweet jar is one filled with Jellies. Jelly Snakes, Jelly Brains and even Jelly Tongues - this tongue-tingling mix of chewy goodness is every child’s (and adult’s) dream and would look great at a fair or fete alongside other jars of sweet treats! Or why not go for an all out 1960s sweet jar to take all the adults on a trip down memory lane and introduce the kids to the sweets of the past! Our most popular 60’s sweet has to be the Jelly Bean. Classic fruit flavoured Jelly Beans were first widely associated with Easter, due to their egg shape but are now a household-name treat that are so popular they even have their own day dedicated to them! This traditional favourite, along with others such as Bon Bons and Hard Gums are the perfect prize to bring back floods of childhood memories.

Or maybe you are looking for an individual prize for an event or competition? If so, our range of Sweet Jars are ready made for you to buy at the click of a button. From Football Jars to Retro Jars, we have a wide variety of different themed sweet jars to suit every occasion, which are also sure to put a smile on somebody’s face when they win. Our Sweet and Sour Jar is perfect for those who enjoy eye-watering delights - containing Sour Maoam Chews and Toxic Waste Bars, it would make the perfect prize for best dressed at a Halloween party. Or our Love Sweet Jars filled with love-themed sweets including Mini Lovehearts, Rainbow Drops and Heart Ring Pops would make the perfect prize around Valentine’s Day, or simply to show a lucky prize-winner a little bit of love!

Although winning the biggest prize is always the aim at a fete or fayre, why not also have some smaller, bite-sized sweet prizes for the runners up, or individual sweets for taking part in a game or competition. Our 250ml sweet jars are the perfect tiny treat to satisfy a sweet tooth and would make a perfect runner up prize. From Butter Mints to Chocolate Cups, we offer a huge range of different retro and traditional sweets to fill a jar with. Why not fill sweet jars with sweets that match a specific theme or event? For example, Chocolate Dice would be a great prize for a game involving dice or numbers, or Blueberries are the perfect fruity sweets to win if the game is supporting a club or organisation with a blue logo.

Lollipops are another classic school fete sweet which are commonly given away as a prize. Other individual sweets and treats to make every child smile at a school fete, (or taking part prizes for the adults to soften the blow of losing!) include Chocolate Coins – the classic favourite that everyone loves. You could even put a twist on the ‘Guess how many sweets are in the sweet jar’ game by filling a sweet jar with Chocolate Coins and getting people to guess how much ‘money’ is in the jar. Lemon Sherbets are also great sweets to give away as they are individually wrapped and taste so tongue-tinglingly delicious! Why not use Blue Lemon Sherbets to add a little more excitement to the prize? Or, let people show off their style with Candy Necklaces – the only sweets you can wear and eat at the same time!

If not used as prizes, retro sweets and sweet jars would also make great activities or fun games to keep everyone occupied at a fete or party. Why not provide stickers, glass paints and stencils and allow people to go wild and decorate their own sweet jar? Not only do people get to devour the delicious contents but they also get to keep their jar to bring back many memories for years to come. Another fun game involving sweet jars is a more sensible and child-friendly take on beer-pong…sweet pong! Simply lay out a selection of plastic sweet jars, each with a sweet such as a Refresher Chew or a packet of Fizz Wiz inside and people have to try and throw a ball into the jars from a distance. Whichever jars they throw the ball into, they get to eat the sweets inside! Why not place more than one sweet in some jars to make the game even more exciting?