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Creating wedding favours with personalised sweets

Put a smile on every guest’s face and ensure they remember happy memories from your special day with personalised sweet wedding favours. From traditional and retro classics to personalised delights, we have a huge range of sweet treats to suit your budget and add a sweet touch to your wedding.

One of our most popular sweet wedding favours are Retro Favours. Available in both sizes large and small, everyone’s childhood favourites are amongst this classic retro selection. Each heat sealed bag contains delicious retro sweets including Fizz Wiz, Parma Violets and Fried Eggs that are the perfect bite-sized treats for keeping your guests entertained! Why not add a personalised touch and add labels or ribbons to suit your colour scheme, or fill with your own favourite sweets to celebrate your day? We can also add personalised stickers with pictures, photos and text to make a sentimental memento. 

Personalised Wedding Sweets | Keep It SweetPersonalised Wedding Favours | Keep It Sweet

Personalised sweets are not only a great way to impress your guests on the day, but also to ensure they are filled with happy memories for years to come. Personalised Fruit Rock is the perfect fun and fruity sweets to add a splash of colour to any table setting and bring a touch of the seaside. Rock is an iconic sweet that is commonly sold at the beach in sticks. It was first made in the 17th century as a plain, undecorated treat. However, the production process was very complex and it was very expensive as it contained lots of sugar, so it never became very popular. In 1887, the owner of a sugar-boiling factory got the idea to put lettering through the centre of sticks of rock while on holiday in Blackpool. This was the beginning of a trend that lead to the huge variety of different colours, flavours and lettering of the rock available today. We can personalise a message of up to 25 characters on the wrapper to create your very own truly unique treat for your guests. Place these in one of our bobble topped glass jars or simply scatter across the table tops for guests to devour after dinner!

Another fun way to involve your guests and incorporate retro and personalised sweets into your wedding favours is to create your very own personalised sweet jar. Choose from our Love Personalised Sweet Jars, filled with Mini Lovehearts and all sweets love-themed, or one of our Retro Jars and lay out for your guests to enjoy. Why not give each guest one of our paper sweet bags or a bobble topped jar to fill with all their favourite sweets and create their very own wedding favour to take home? We also offer a range of sweet bar accessories including tongs and scoops to create an authentic traditional sweet shop vibe and bring back many sweet childhood memories. Not only are Personalised Sweet Jars a great way to make wedding favours fun, but are also perfect for a mid-evening snack between dancing!

Or why not wow your guests with a Party Bag to give them a piece of the day to take home with them? From fun Tutti Frutti themed bags to Retro Love Bags, we have a variety of different party bags for you to choose from to help you celebrate your special day without having to stress out. Our Chocolate Party Bag is perfect for all you chocoholics out there and is full of creamy, delicious treats that are sure to keep all your guests smiling! From Raspberry Ruffles to Caramel Cups, there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy and we have a range of different coloured bags to suit your colour scheme. If chocolate isn’t your thing, then why not send your guests home with a Retro Love Bag to celebrate the theme of the day? Or even a Groovy Party Bag containing sweets straight from their school days? As with the Retro Favours, we also offer Personalised stickers for you to add your own personal touch. So don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call 01202 486256 to discuss your personalised sweets. View our full range of wedding favours here.