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Discover Endless Opportunities with Personalised Sweets

Everybody loves retro sweets - the tangy ones, the chocolatey ones or the chewy ones - there is something for everyone to enjoy. The wide variety of sweets makes them a perfect gift, whatever the occasion. When giving retro sweets as a gift, why not add an extra special touch? Personalised sweets create a unique and individual present that is sure to be memorable as well as delicious!

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Personalised sweet jars are filled to the brim with popular traditional and retro sweets that will tickle your taste buds and are made to suit a range of different themes. For example, the Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar is packed with retro sweets including Drumsticks, Flumps, Fizzers and more that will ensure a fun-filled birthday and will keep a sweet tooth satisfied for months! The jar can be printed with your own personalised message, to add that extra sparkle to your gift. We also offer Jars for many other occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, which also come in different sizes to suit every budget, so we have the perfect personalised sweets for every occasion.

Another popular jar is our Girls Personalised Sweets Jar. The perfect gift for girls of all ages, this jar of mouth watering goodies is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane and back to carefree childhood days. Get your teeth stuck into some chewy Mini Millions, make your tongue tingle with some fruity fizzers and wear your Candy Necklace with pride - what’s not to love?!

A Girls Personalised Sweet Jar would also make the perfect hen party gift for your friends and family. Filled with all things pink and girlie, there is no better way to celebrate your hen night than with retro and personalised sweets! Our Hen Party Bag is another popular option in the run up to your big day - get boys attention with a delicious candy whistle or show off your massive sparkling Ring Pop - you can even add your own personalised touch with a bespoke sticker - just get in touch today.

Personalised Sweets are a brilliant addition to every occasion - why not include a few traditional sweets in your baby shower? One of our most popular personalised sweets is Personalised Fruit Rock. These bright and vibrant coloured fruity pieces are perfect for scattering across a table and have a personalised wrapper to make them memorable and fun to eat. These eye-catching bite-sized treats are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and will put a smile on every guest’s face at a baby shower. Bring back nostalgic memories of childhood trips to the seaside and take guests on a trip down memory lane with these tasty old-fashioned delights. Along with these delicious sugary gems, why not satisfy a sweet tooth with baby and child themed sweets such as Giant Suckers and Jelly Babies to take you back to your childhood and give the parents to be a taste of what is to come!

Along with our fantastic range of ready made personalised sweets items, we also stock one of the largest selections of retro and traditional sweets in the UK. Not only do we offer sweets that your Grandma will remember, but many of our sweets are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories and take you back to your childhood. Retro Sweets take a huge variety of different shapes and forms that will tickle your taste buds and will also look great. From fabulously fruity Yellow Bellies Snakes to soft, foamy Mushrooms, we have sweets of every shape, texture and flavour that you could ever wish for! Why not tuck into a delicious Toffee Log? - The perfect snack for those rainy days and great for sharing amongst family or friends (or to enjoy all to yourself!) Toffee is an iconic old-time classic that is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane and tastes so deliciously mouth-watering. The origins of this devilishly sweet treat is debatable, but some theories suggest that it first became popular after the price of sugar fell in the 19th century and people started to fill their kitchens with toffee deliciousness and haven’t stopped loving this traditional treat ever since!

View our full range of personalised sweets here and don’t hesitate to get in contact today with any queries or questions.